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ABCUSD Taking Steps to Combat Coronavirus, Preps for Virtual Learning


I’m aware that many of us are concerned about the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, now known as COVID-19. On March 4, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and the Department of Public Health declared a local and public health emergency in response to increased spread of coronavirus across the country and additional cases in Los Angeles County.  

Although public health officials continue to state that the risk to the community remains low, the ABC Unified School District is taking additional steps to ensure our students, families and staff attend safe and healthy campuses. 

All our teachers are encouraged to show a video from the Centers for Disease Control about proper handwashing. Although our schools have more than 900 sinks, we are still bringing additional handwashing stations, giving students even more access.

We take cleanliness seriously at our schools. Our District’s custodial staff is working hard to disinfect schools on a regular basis and we are bringing in additional help where needed to accomplish this task. They are also monitoring bathroom supplies to make sure plenty of soap and paper towels are available. Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers have been purchased for teachers and staff to use in our classrooms. 

Communicating on a regular basis is important as new information is provided to us.

We have informed our staff and families through emails and posts on our District’s website since January 28. I have sent a voice message to all families on Feb. 3 as well as information from the Los Angeles County Office of Education. A dedicated page regarding the coronavirus was posted on the District’s website with information and helpful links. Last week, we sent an email updating all staff and families regarding our efforts as well as how to prevent the spread of an illness. A follow up message was sent to all staff and families as well. 

We have remained in close contact with the Los Angeles County Office of Education, the Los Angeles County Department of Health, the California Department of Education and the California Department of Public Health to monitor the issue and act according to their direction. 

Although unlikely, our District is preparing for the worst case scenario where we must dismiss all students or close schools. Our Information and Technology staff is working on a new Virtual Learning Program that if needed, we may need to use it. 

As the number of coronavirus cases reported in California have increased, we at ABC are encouraging and educating our staff, students and their families to use best practices to prevent the spread of any illness:

·     Frequently wash hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water

  • Cough/sneeze into a tissue or your sleeve(elbow)
  • Avoid toughing your eyes, nose and mouth

·     Stay home when ill—until fever-free for 24 hours

In addition, we have a new page on the District’s website at: www.abcusd.us/apps/pages/CoronaVirusinformation where you can find information from public health officials in multiple languages. We will continue to update this page so our community has access to the latest information about COVID-19. 

ABC will continue to monitor the situation and communicate frequently to all our staffs, students and families so that all of our schools remain safe and healthy places to learn. 

  • Churches Last Rites says:


    Please examine the data. The school district populist is majority Chinese, plus we also have a lot of students attending from outside the district. With that said, the district has no custodial record-keeping of the parents who travel abroad. With that said, parents could be carriers of the virus, and pass it on to the students and the students can eventually pass it between students.

    Nobody wants to have their child died, and we do not know how fast this disease is traveling. That said, mandatory to use abundance of caution, we don’t want to repeat what the Spanish virus did in 1918, we lost over half a million residents in the United States. Every parent would rather have theirs student attend School into the summer, or be held back a year, to compensate for a lot of unknown regarding this virus.

    This is a time, when the trustees should have an emergency hearing, to evaluate the situation on a day-by-day basis, and take all the precautions including closing campuses and having students working online.

    Know, if I had children attending any USA school district, immediately I would pull my children from school and either look in to home schooling or on line classes. Parents have a lot of time and money invested in their families and no one wants to fall victim of this disease.

    Mary Sieu, I had family ( aunts/uncles/cousins) who died from Spanish Virus of 1918 and Polio. Plus today, have friends who are receiving church’s last rites, because if the virus hits, only days before death.

  • Censure Please says:

    Dr. Mary Sieu must be censored at the next Board of Trustees hearing for the ABC Unified School District. It was extremely bad taste to go to the Cerritos City Council, (3/12/2020) and tell parents that it’s okay to have their students come to school, when the city of Cerritos was canceling most of their public events at the same meeting, due to the virus. Does Mary Sieu think she’s God and going to stop this virus by having students attend classes? Thrilled that Friday the 13th, the trustees decided to close the school for at least two weeks. This is a full knock out war, which is being fought in every inch of the USA. Virus has no boundaries, just like the fatal and crippling disease I experienced as a kid, called Polio; plus my 100YO mom experienced Spanish Virus of 1918.

    Besides a censor, pray that Mary Sieu resigns, she’s an insult to the education of our children. When we had the last BB Bond open house tour, I was appalled at the illegal conditions of Whitney School and I immediately called Fire Department, plus the dried vomit in an elementary school carpets, roaches at CHS, plus homeless living on the rooftops of an elementary school in ELW, then there was that alleged cover up of the attempted rape by her staff, against a student, plus the exit of many top grade teachers who left ABC to other exciting school districts. If Mary Sieu is that old and frail and she cannot supervise the campuses, it’s time for her to resign and get a much younger youthful superintendent who is it top of everything. Furthermore, her job is superintendent and should not be sitting on the board for the Chamber of Commerce and other social-political boards here and yonder. CONFLICT OF INTEREST, to say the least, plus the taxpayers are paying for her secretaries to work her social calendar at the taxpayers expenses. Just downright ugly, when Mary Sieu contributed her money to various ABCUSD campaigns and her connections with foreign exchange student programs are always out of China. What about the rest of the world schools? Just makes me ill, her entire life is around the sponsorship of Whitney and Leal, which is the downfall to the Greater Cerritos Dairy Valley…. Whitney is eroding away all of 20 something other campuses and creating tribunal silent war between students, families and campuses. Where is her protocol standards? Taxpayers BB Bond is getting more worn out, month by month. Mismanaged school bond, taxpayers are going to be lucky, if we see between 25%-45% bond money being spent on the campuses, as the bond was incomplete compared to LA County Bonds, which the voters rejected. Now the bond money sales, is almost reaching shadows of junk bonds classifications, as the net worth is not what was promised to the voters at time of the elections.

    Hoping trustees can find an interim superintendent immediately and not allow Mary Sieu to return after 4/1/2020.

    Here is the video of the CCC, where Mary Sieu telling parents to send their children to her schools during the Virus.