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February 20 – Assault/Battery Report  7821 Walker St. (Central Park) – A subject was reportedly hit on the head and rib cage. 

Keep the Peace 5100 block of Dover Dr. – Police were requested to keep the peace while the reporting party retrieved belongings from inside the residence. The RP’s wife had locked him out of the residence. Police made contact and the female half would not let the male half back in the residence. 

Traffic Stop – 8:03 p.m. – Orangethorpe/Walker – Police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle occupied by four people. A 58-year-old La Palma resident was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. 

Medical Aid – 8:13 p.m. – 5000 block of Cadiz Cir. – A female subject reportedly passed out and was laying on the floor. OCFA was en route. The subject was conscious and breathing but had a head injury and was bleeding. The subject was transported to the hospital. 

  • Police Departments says:


    1. LP has considerably less crime, compared to neighboring Cerritos.
    2. LP allows 24/7 street parking, where Cerritos is a permit parking city, so Cerritos opens the street for crimes, as Cerritos has way to many places for burglars to park.
    3. Until recently, Cerritos is now urging parking in our driveways, in order to make homes looked lived in.
    4. LP does not have street trees and Cerritos has way too many street trees, which are trespassing over street lights, hence making streets dark and hard to patrol by our 4 LASD patrol cars at night.
    5. LP lots are small, aprox 4900 sq ft, where for the most park, Cerritos lots are larger, 6500 sq ft, so harder to hear in between houses if they are being burglarized. LP has more CDS streets.
    6. LP homes have more residential garden- yard lights on all night, were Cerritos does not, poss. because of the large senior population in Cerritos.
    7. LP does not require burglar alarm permits, where Cerritos requires permits, which is just more money going out for residents and poss of increase in property taxes.
    8. LP is 2 sq ml city, Cerritos is 9.5 sq ml city. Cerritos has some neighboring cities, which has housing costs, way less compared to Cerritos, so Cerritos could have more gangs in their face, compared to LP.

    9. Cerritos has over 37% housing rentals, where LP does not.

    10. Cerritos major streets have over grown trees and are dark, LP maj. Streets are well illuminated since no trees.

    11. Cerritos kisses 3 freeways, LP kisses 1 freeway.