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2020 Election Results ‘With a Majority of Votes Cast’

As of 7:55 a.m.


It wasn’t a good night for Artesia as both tax measures AA and BB were losing by 59 votes and 195 votes respectively.

In Cerritos, incumbents Jim Edwards and Naresh Solanki won, Chuong Vo is leading Sophia Tse by 80 votes.

Interesting to note here, the three, who alleged other candidates were “ballot harvesting,” came out way ahead when the vote by mail ballots were tabulated.

Cerritos Measure C sales tax measure, which would have brought over $11 million into the city, was soundly defeated 5,265 to 2,640.

Hawaiian Gardens tax measure passed 690-443.

In Commerce where two seats were open, incumbent Oralia Rebollo and Hugo Argumedo are ahead, with Argumedo ahead of third place candidate Maravilla by 108 votes.

In Huntington Park Graciela Ortiz, Eddie Martinez, and Marylyn Sanabria won, with Sanabria ahead 110 votes for third place.

In Bell, Monica Arroyo, Ali Saleh and Fidencio Joel Gallardo were ahead , with Gallardo ahead of Nestor Valencia by 47 votes.

In La Mirada, Ed Eng trounced John  Accornero, Steve DeRuse, and Anthony Otero are beating their respective competitors.

Unlike Cerritos residents, Lakewood residents passed their tax measure handily by over 3,400 votes.

Incumbent Jeff Wood won handily and candidate Ariel Pe was in the lead by 1,200 votes for the second seat.

Montebello past its tax Measure H by more than 1,400 votes.

In a bit of a surprise, Margarita Rios,  Ana Valencia and Rick Ramirez took the top three spots in Norwalk.

Norwalk’s tax Measure P passed by 1,400 votes.

In South Gate, Maria Davila, Gil Hurtado, and Maria Del Pilar Avalos one of the top three seats with Avalos leading Belen Bernal by 42 votes.

In Whittier, Measure W passed, Joe Vinatieri trounced Louis Reyes by over 3,600 votes for Mayor. Jessica Martinez is ahead in District 1, Cathy Warner is far ahead in District 3.

In congressional races Grace Napolitano handily won her seat  by 16,000 votes; Linda Sanchez won by over 34,000; Lucile Roybal-Allard by 16,000; and Alan Lowenthal won by over 16,000.

State Measure 13 was winning by just over 46,000 votes, Measure R won, and 20,000 votes separated the Yays from the Nays on Measure FD .

Do nothing DA Jackie Lacey won by a large margin.

Herb Wesson beat Holly Mitchell by over 10,000 for Supervisorial District 2; Janice Hahn won the 4th District; Cathy Barger won District 5.

In the  58th Assembly District Central Committee  in order of finish: Barbara Contreras Rapisarda, 14.91%, 13,729; Central Basin Director Arturo Chacon, 10.87%, 10,003;  Evelyn Merie Nuño, 10.47%, 9,641; Mercedes Nieves, 9.07%, 8,347; Maurina M. Cintron, 8.54%, 7,865; Tammy E. Ashton, 8.31%, 7,653;  Edgar Omar Estrada Santos, 7.98%, 7,343.

  • 2020 says:

    2020 Election Results ‘With a Majority of Votes Cast’
    34,000 Registered voters in Cerritos….only about 5,000-10,000 voted. Absentee votes have tell Friday to be received, so next week, harvested tallies can change big time. Few seats are very close to call in the city.

    Appears shoppers from neighboring cities maybe shopping in Cerritos, since we did not pass the sales tax increase, but Cerritos sales tax is still higher then OC. Feel LW Mall shoppers will be spending money in Cerritos, where the sales tax is cheaper compared to Lakewood –Long Beach and Downey.