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February 7, 2020 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper

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  • LASD says:

    New Sheriff’s captain.

    Sure hope we can understand his English better than the past Captain, his English was hard to understand on the TV.

    Doesn’t look like this new captain has much experience around Cerritos, seems like most of his resume experiences are around Temple City. Cannot understand why we need to have a captain with so much extensive degrees (PHD); Cerritos is not that much of a high crime area. Wondering if this Captain has much experience in the neighborhood watch programs?

    Saddened, thought city would be getting a Female Captain, which is overdue! . Sure hope this captain can think outside the box and try to lower the annual LASD budget, Cerritos needs less sheriff patrolling our hoods and more Private Security Patrol, which can operate at much cheaper rates.

    One candidate did suggest that poss. our annual budget could be lower, if the Cerritos Sub Station Offices had a new form of entitlement, such as lease etc.

    City needs to vacate the overnight parking program, cost to much money to operate and maintain the computer programs. Cities which allow for street parking, 24/7, usually have less crimes, as the bad criminals have not where to park, such as in Cypress, and La Palma. Cerritos has forced many families to leave the city, because of the abuse from Overnight Parking Permits, etc.

    Now Cerritos Neighborhood Watch, is begging residents to keep cars parked in the driveways, tells the drive by burglars, someone is home in the houses. Same will hold true, for overnight street parking.

  • New Replacement says:

    New LASD Captain.

    Could understand the new captain. Elders got spooked because of his parade of decals, Overkill.

    Don’t like how he is trying to a create a special tier-groups in Cerritos, it seems like most of his expertise has been around Chinese areas, and we need a captain for everybody, everybody in USA comes it all flavors of America. Listing to him on CCC, he’s trying to whitewash Heartland of America plus natives who settled and created Dairy Valley, Does he have private agenda in the city, Asian security? . He had no strong personality traits, would not be somebody, would enjoy sitting down and talking with…. felt no magnet attraction. Captains resume was impressive, read like novel written from Whitney HS, just to perfect and reacts like there is no room for failure. LASD is employing captain, not captains children.