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Trump Placed Rush Limbaugh in the Same Category as the Following…?

The following is a partial list of Medal of Freedom recipients:

Martin Luther King Jr.

Lech Wałęsa

Cesar Chavez

Rosa Parks

Rev. Jesse Jackson

Harvey Milk

Pope John XXIII

Rev. Billy Graham

Mother Teresa

Pope John Paul II

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Dolores Huerta

Ethel Kennedy

John F. Kennedy

Lyndon B. Johnson

Ronald Reagan

Gerald Ford

Jimmy Carter

George H. W. Bush

Lady Bird Johnson

Betty Ford

Rosalynn Carter

Nancy Reagan

Anwar el-Sadat 

Margaret Thatcher

Helmut Kohl

Nelson Mandela

Angela Merkel

Shimon Peres

Thornton Wilder

T. S. Eliot

John Steinbeck

Tennessee Williams

Louis L’Amour

Elie Wiesel

Maya Angelou

Helen Keller

Walt Disney

Bob Hope

Gregory Peck

John Wayne

Kirk Douglas

James Cagney

James Stewart

Danny Kaye

Audrey Hepburn

Charlton Heston

Doris Day

Sidney Poitier

Meryl Streep

Steven Spielberg

Robert Redford 

Robert De Niro

Tom Hanks

Associate Justice Felix Frankfurter

Associate Justice Arthur J. Goldberg

Chief Justice Earl Warren

Chief Justice Warren E. Burger

Associate Justice

Associate Justice William J. Brennan, Jr.

Associate Justice Byron White

 Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

Associate Justice John Paul Stevens

Brigadier General Chuck Yeager

Lieutenant General Jimmy Doolittle

General Colin Powell

General H. Norman Schwarzkopf

General John Shalikashvili

General Wesley Clark

Jesse Owens

Jackie Robinson

Joe DiMaggio

Paul “Bear” Bryant

Ted Williams

Arthur Ashe

Hank Aaron

John Wooden

Roberto Clemente

Arnold Palmer

Jack Nicklaus

Muhammad Ali

Frank Robinson

Billie Jean King

Bill Russell

Stan Musial

Ernie Banks

Yogi Berra

Willie Mays

Vin Scully

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Michael Jordan

Babe Ruth

Roger Staubach

Tiger Woods 

Jerry West

On Tuesday, Trump gave right-wing radio hack Rush Limbaugh the same Medal of Freedom that Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, Harvey Milk, Elie Wiesel and all these others received.. 

Trump placed a man who has degraded women, made horribly racist comments, mocked disabled people like actor Michael J. Fox, who has Parkinson’s disease, and said that white people should not be responsible for slavery.

Everything this man touches gets ruined, Trump has now put his ugly mark on the United States’ highest award bestowed on a citizen.

  • Wash DC says:

    St of the Union address, is not the place to honor so many persons, seems like the list went on and on.