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BOLTON DRAFT: White House Lawyers in Impeachment Trial Should Be Disbarred

White House defense team Jay Sekulow and Counsel Pat Cipollone. Courtesy New York Post.


The White House has known about the explosive new revelations in former National Security chief John Bolton’s book since December 30.

Bolton wrote in his draft that Trump said that military aid to Ukraine was conditioned on the launch of probes into his domestic political rivals.

The statement by Bolton blows the defense team’s entire case out of the water.

More importantly, it proves the lawyers have been lying to the Senator’s faces in denying direct evidence of the quid pro quo.

Several lawyers have stated that if this kind of misrepresentation happened in court, the judge would immediately hold the lawyers in contempt, and the bar association would certainly consider disbarment.

“One of the first things they teach you in law school is that you never say something is true in a court of law unless you have personal knowledge that it is true,” said former Nixon impeachment lawyer Jill Wine-Banks who is publishing her book entitled The Watergate Girl – My Fight for Truth and Justice Against a Criminal President in February, said on the Stephanie Miller Show this morning

“You can’t say something that is blatantly false, or that you know is blatantly false.”

“The White House Council had to see the contents of the Bolton book, they knew what Bolton would say, there are direct witnesses who had conversations with the president who will say he linked the aid to Ukraine for Ukraine announcing the investigation of the Bidens,” said Wine-Banks.

The American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct states that a lawyer “shall not knowingly make a false statement of material fact.” 

In other words, lawyers aren’t supposed to lie–and they can be disciplined or even disbarred for doing so. But notice, the key word here is “knowingly.” A lawyer cannot “knowingly” lie.

The Trump’s defense team knowingly lied, they should be disbarred.

  • Nixon Home in Cerritos says:

    Mr. Hews,
    Please put up some maps of the areas being debated in the impeachment trials, most voters and readers in Cerritos do not know where the Ukraine or the Mideast is located, Plus have very little knowledge of Watergate and dont even know anything about Nixon.

    Shame, on the past CCC, all of the money the city has burned, no one ever rebuilt the birth place for Mrs. P Nixon, at Senior center. Part of our history, which can never be reversed.