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Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash

Media is reporting that Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas.

Reports also say his daughter Gigi was on board, no one survived the crash.


  • RIP says:

    Saw him dining many times in the Greater Newport Beach area. Few occasions, did see his estate home on the exterior, it was starting to show signs of neglect compared to the rest of the Hood. Don’t think he was in to Home n Garden Beautiful. Have seen other athletes homes, most are not maintained to the standards their fans expect. Many other athletes live in greater Orange Hills too. Some magnificent estates, others so so.

    RIP, today not the premium ceiling for flying, tail end of the storm hitting San Francisco area. Wonder the manufacturer of the helicopter?

  • Link Space says:

    His legacy will live on forever. Rest in peace to the legend Kobe Bryant and to his daughter Gianna Bryant. R.I.P. Mamba.