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La Palma-Cerritos AAUW to Host Cerritos Candidates Forum on February 3 Inside Cerritos Council Chambers

By Edna Ethington

The La Palma-Cerritos American Association of University Women (AAUW) will be hosting a Cerritos City Council Candidates Forum on Monday, February 3, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. at the Cerritos City Council Chambers at Cerritos City Hall, 18125 S. Bloomfield Avenue, Cerritos, with AAUW member Dorothy Edwards as moderator.  The Candidates Forum is open to the public, and there will be an opportunity for a question and answer period during the evening.

There are nine candidates running for three open seats on the Cerritos City Council. The candidates are:  Rusty Liang Chiang, Jennifer Hong, Jim Edwards, Naresh Solanki, Rocky Pavone, Chuong Vo, Chris Im, Sophia Myau Tse, and Anna Titus.  Cerritos community members are especially invited to attend the Candidates Forum so that they can learn about each candidate’s qualifications.  They can then make an educated choice of the three members they will vote for to serve on the Cerritos City Council in 2020.

According to Harriet Moses, President of the La Palma-Cerritos AAUW, the Candidates Forum will be televised and re-broadcast on Friday, February 7, and Sunday, February 9, at 7:00 p.m. 

For more information about the Cerritos City Council Candidates Forum, contact President Harriet Moses at 714-994-1487.

  • Ms. Cancellation says:

    Wondering if this candidates Forum will be cancelled, last CCC election, one forum was cancelled. Beg, the sponsoring panel would take all questions, and not do the censoring, since the chamber’s is owned by all 50,000 residents in the city and not just a Chosen Few, especially when some of the panel lives outside of the city and in different county…..

    Lot of power and education in any forum, but can be very bias, when candidates dialog are censored.

  • Cerritos Streets says:

    Candidates Question 2020 Election

    ‘It has to work for all 15,000 homes’ or ‘we’re going to be in deep trouble’: Cerritos residents must be wary of increasing number of Blighted Homes and City Landscapes …Issuing 2500+ Property Preservation Citations, yearly is not working .

    Well aware, I sound like a broken record, but homes and landscape, is #1 Priority in my life, that is why we chose Cerritos to live in, plus the RV lots in 70’s. There’s not even one street left in Cerritos, which has all nice homes anymore. City can have infinity: Social programs, CCPA, LASD, Library, Sculpture garden and so forth, but without clean and well maintained homes and streetscape, are CEO elected CCC are not doing their jobs to protect our investments.

    Strongly feel that the new candidates running for office, cannot push our menopausal homes & neglected homes under the bus anymore, it’s growing blight, which needs to be put on the CCC agenda, discussed during the candidates forums, and have many Town Hall meetings, on how to reverse and repair our menopausal blighted homes. We have way too many Municipal Held Landscaping throughout the city which is in Ruins also, suffering from Monkey See Monkey Do syndromes, which is reflected on to the homeowners who do nothing to their properties. Why should homes maintain their properties, when the city has host of issues which they can not maintain their own held municipal horticulture meridian and easements?

    Proposed sales tax increase, will not work, it will only be a first come, first grab in order to band-aid personnel salaries, bonuses, trips, CCPA white elephant, along with more more unnecessary Disneyland social events.

  • Forum Q/A says:


    When Citywide Contest got started back in the 80s, it was veryyyyyyy well attended.

    Back then, did not have a Spring Festival in April, instead we had a Contractor’s Vendors Information Expo, gathering at the city hall parking lot . It was very well attended, (beginning) contractor vendors for All Phases of the home maintenance showed up, for poss. vendors jobs for the homeowners. Most were vendors were from Bellflower, who came to get jobs : window cleaners, painters, gardeners, landscapers nurseries, house cleaners, fireplace cleaners, car washing, dog walkers, tree trimmers, plumbers, sprinkler installers, Etc. Back then community did not need roofers nor window installers, community was too new. Residences were hungry for general maintenance vendors for small jobs around the home and garden. Residences were looking for weekly / monthly maintenance personnel ( HANDYMEN ) and not remolding contractors.

    After a couple of years, vendor expo changed, as a city of Cerritos wanted the Vendors at the Expo to pull a business license and that stopped that. Vendors were not going to pull business licenses for the city. Andy’s Nursery showed up many times, he gave away a lot of free plants and advice to the neighbors and everybody enjoyed it but then that stopped also, but why pull a permit, when the nursery was in Bellflower?

    Next step of this contractors vendor Expo, city brought in free kiddie rides and that still did not help, attendance was way down…because the vendors vacated the expo!!! The damage had been done. The city was looking only for money Revenue stream with business license, plus now the city wanted state contractors licenses. Now the vendors priced themselves out of work from the home owners. Vendors could get work in other cities, without this up front fees, compared to Cerritos. Homeowners were force to go to free posting boards: Penny Saver, Ganhal Lumber, Home Depot, Lowes, Builders Emporium and so on…..

    Then the city started annual Spring Festival at the Regional Park, festival has nothing to do with city-wide Pride contest & vendors, city-wide Pride contest bit the Dust during the recession. Today, Cerritos has nothing, but La Palma, Lakewood, both have reinstated a new form for CWP programs.

    Here is a link to few of the nicer homes in Cerritos:www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy2bZ5tvDq0
    I’d like to see in the spring of 2020, just the beginning of a city wide pride, contest monthly. Nothing at the scope of what it was originally back in the 80’s. Enjoy CWP to be tied into the Neighborhood Watch Program/ Zones. Maybe instead of the vendor expo, if during the PPC monthly televised meetings, we could see more educational photos and video, ( How to do Home Improvement jobs) digested in to the meeting, to jump start maintenance on our homes. When PPC code enforcement stops by homes in violation question, maybe drop off new info Citywide Pride brochure, how to make your home look better and have a photos of ONL Program, decreases robberies/burglaries.
    Please check out this property, property architecture is 100% educational. Now reduce the size of the home/ grounds by 50%, this would be amazing, if the properties in Cerritos could look like this home, but in a much smaller scale. This home has all the elements needed in Cerritos menopausal homes. Please check out the backyard, think we only have one home in Cerritos, of this caliber, out of 15,000 homes.


    CCC Candidates Mailing List:

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  • 4 Plexes says:

    Candidate Forum Questions

    INCOME UNITS : Some 2-4 ( fourplex ) would be suitable only for some oversized lots, and possibly some Corner Lots/ CDS/ Key Lots/ RV Side-yards…. compatibility would be the main question!! Implement strict architectural reviews boards, to insure compatibility!

    Many of these mega mansions being built in: Cerritos, Beach Communities, Rossmoor, Downey, Yorba Linda, Orange Hills, Anaheim Hills, Palos Verdes, Fullerton, are really 2 – 4 Plex in Sq Footage alone. No one knows how many people or families are living in these mega mansions.

    Two- three story residential building, would not be that objective in some neighborhoods, because many tri-level homes are three stories high, some even 4 levels including attics. If the property is being rebuilt, lots of lost real-estate square footage in placement: Garages, patios, pools, balconies, pergolas, outdoor workshops, carports, casitas, etc, …………should look at making it mandatory for a basement. Basements would be great for a granny flat or an income-producing unit.

    Seen many income-producing units between 2 to 4 units, and they are compatible with the neighborhoods, but it has to be done on a case-by-case architectural engineered bases. Parking is an issue in some cases, but remember not every household has a car anymore, and with the size of cars being reduced, many cars can be put into a lot, and a garage can be subterranean, or stacked parking of cars. Seniors in granny flats, usually do not drive, but need elevators, if multi- levels.

    Area was built on the concept of 3-5 bedrooms and huge family rooms and living rooms, wrapped in a SFR . Many families, either young or old, do not need more then 1 bedroom or bachelor unit and never use a living room. Many families never use a backyard, pool or patio, so these are wasted real estate.

    Remember, nation has laws pertaining to mortgage requirements, 1-4 plex units, do fall under single family residents and not commercial financing.