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Pair of Con Artists Sought in Multiple Scams Swindling the Elderly in Norwalk


Norwalk Sheriff’s Station detectives are searching for two con artists targeting and swindling elderly individuals in several cities including Norwalk.

The latest of scams occurred on Thursday, October 10, 2019, shortly after 1:00 p.m., where two fraudsters entered a popular retail establishment located on the 10600 block of Firestone Boulevard in Norwalk and took advantage of an 80 year-old elderly lady by tricking her into giving them $4,000 cash for a fake “gold brick.” 

The fraudsters had convinced the 80 year-old lady to buy the “gold brick” by offering it to her at half the “gold brick’s” value.  Additionally, the suspects claimed the “gold brick” was real and that they could not sell it because of their illegal immigration status.

The 80 year-old lady then drove to a nearby bank with the suspects in her car, withdrew the $4,000 cash and gave it to the fraudsters.

The female fraudster is described as a female Hispanic, approximately 40-50 years of age, standing approximately 5 feet tall and weighing about 210 lbs. She wore a dark bandana, eyeglasses, a black shirt and blue jeans.

The second fraudster who is also pictured in the flyer is described as a male Hispanic, approximately 60 years of age, standing approximately 5’11” tall and weighing about 180 lbs.  He wore a straw hat, light green shirt and tan/beige colored pants. 



View video surveillance of the scam here: https://bit.ly/2QXINrF

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department wants you to know that the Elderly are frequent targets of con artists like these because generally, elderly individuals exemplify politeness and trust, are willing to listen and are considered naïve. The Elderly may also tend be alone and not able to provide enough detailed information to family or investigators.

If you or someone you know are elderly, please consider the following information to avoid being scammed:

1.      If someone approaches you and tries to sell you anything in public,   it’s probably a trick or a fake product.  Walk away.

2.      Don’t believe any strangers out in public attempting to sell you gold or diamonds for a cheaper price.  Walk away.

3.      If the deal or prize is too good to be true; it’s more than likely a scam. Walk away and don’t give these individuals your attention or time.

  • Pigeon Dropping Fraud says:

    See form of pigeon dropping almost every week, towards seniors somewhere in the city. Very common crime.

    One of my neighbors had a pigeon dropping, a mattress company salesperson came to the door, and wanted to inspect seniors mattress. Salesperson gave the elderly a wool blanket at the door, said the seniors looked like they were coming down with deadly flue and shingles, which was lie. Naturally the seniors let salesperson in to their home , and he turned seniors mattress inside and out to see if there was any money or jewelry under the mattress and then took off.

    Other day at the bank another form of pigeon dropping… female contractor was having her senior age client take out $7K from the bank, stating that the client needed some new wood on her house because of wood rotten. Female Contractor needed the $7K up front first to buy wood. Well the female contractor, had more diamonds on her body, she could be equal match to Liz Taylor, White Diamond Perfume Commercials…

    Lot of pigeon dropping schemes are Clearing House Sweepstakes, door knockers and will share half of the precedes from the sweepstakes, if the seniors have the other half.

    Many gypsy pigeon droppers pray on seniors visiting hospitals or cemeteries. Transit Gypsies learn this at early age n life.