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Downey’s Share Hope USA Serves the Needy in Tigard, Oregon

Volunteers of The Good Neighbor Center in Tigard, Oregon join hands with Share Hope USA to help those in need.

By Tammye McDuff[email protected]

The Good Neighbor Center, located in Tigard, Oregon, is a 36-bed facility serving up to nine families at a time. There is space so each family has a private room where they can live for up to six weeks and receive three meals a day. 

The facility was built in 1999 through grants and Community Development funds. In 2007, Washington County donated the building for $1 a year with the stipulation that it must remain a homeless shelter for 20 years. The Center has over 1,400 volunteers that cook, babysit, do service projects and serve as overnight hosts. 

For families who obtain a stable income and can meet certain criteria, they offer a Housing Stabilization Program in partnership with Washington County Public Housing Authority. With this program, the family’s rent is subsidized and gradually increases until they reach full market rent after nine months. This program offers family advocacy and support services to help families become self-sufficient. 

The children’s program at the Center runs four days a week and serves all school-age children staying in shelters. After school there is a Homework Club followed by activities and during the summer the Center runs a ten week, all day Summer School that consists of tutoring, physical activities and daily field trips. 

On December 21, Share Hope USA was invited to cook for the families at the Center.  “We have to say that there is a lot of work putting together events like this, and we receive far more than we ever give,” said Russell Boschetto, “you seem to feel renewed and recharged when helping to bring hope to those who find themselves in a difficult position.”

The motto for Share Hope 2020 is ‘Giving is Gratitude in Action’ and this was abundantly obvious while witnessing an amazing group of volunteers put the dinner together and serve those in need.

“It is painful to think where these families with babies and small children would be if not for this place of safety,” said Symond Boschetto who started Share Hope USA when he was just eight years old. “The mission is even more clear than it was when we began. Their reason for being homeless is irrelevant, their need for compassion isn’t.”

Share Hope USA has arranged to serve at the Good Neighbor Center every month in 2020. If you would like to assist the Good Neighbor Center and Share Hope USA, reserve your place now, space is limited. Visit goodneighborcenter.org or www.sharehopeusa.com

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    At one time the city of Cerritos had some long range plans, similar to this system. To be developed over on Valley View, than the last heard it was going to be built at the Valley View and 5 corridor ( Cerritos Triangle of Land). Think the city of Cerritos has been talking about this in its long range plans for the last one or two decades. Nothing has materialized. Also, negotiating with Cal Trans over some non used land.

    City has had a lot of empty real estate pads, vacant, throughout the city, One on Bloomfield and one on 166 and few other places, vacant for many decades. One was the former Astor Museum.