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Cerritos Mayor Pro Tem Frank Yokoyama Holds Town Hall Meeting

TOWN HALL: from (l-r) ABCUSD Communications Officer Scott Smith, Lieutenant Joseph Badali , ABCUSD Board President Dr. Olga Rios, Cerritos Mayor pro tem Frank Yokoyama, and resident Brian Ferrer at the Heritage Park walk wand talk meeting.


Mayor pro tem Frank Yokoyama held a special town hall meeting this past Saturday at Heritage Park-Santa’s Holiday Island.

Gonsalves Elementary School band entertained holiday goers with a lively rendition of ‘Up On the Housetop’ and ‘Good King Wenceslas’ with a special performance by Nathan Hahn, Student Body President.

The band was joined by additional band members from Willow Elementary sSchool and Palms Elementary School from Lakewood. 

Yokoyama chose to hold a walking and talking type of town hall meeting so that he could interact with residents. “Today, is my first town hall meeting. I want to make myself available to our residents in casual meet and greet settings. I also wanted to be able to address any concerns they may have about the City going into a new decade.”

Yokoyama gave out information about events at the Cerritos Millennium Library, pamphlets about coyote sightings, public safety information, and gave an update on the city of Cerritos. 

Yokoyama talked about the proposed .75% sales tax, now called Measure C, which will be on the March 3, 2020 ballot. 

 The tax would generate an estimated $11.4 million each year, which the city could use for any governmental purpose including sheriffs and community safety services; public works; infrastructure maintenance and repairs; and parks and recreation programming.

Newly elected ABC USD President Dr. Olga Rios was available to discuss the 2019-‘20 school year and Communications Officer Scott Smith gave an update on the many events that the district will be holding. An introduction of Lieutenant Joseph Badali was made, he has been with the LA Sheriff’s Department for a number of years and is new to the city of Cerritos.

  • Town-halls says:


    Decades ago, Retired Joseph Cho, Cerritos council person, held monthly meet and greet Town Hall style meetings at many of the Cerritos Neighborhood Parks. Well attended, usually 50-100 residents attended on Saturday Nooner events.

    Sure wish our 5 elected Council persons seated today, would mimic Joseph Cho meetings, it was a good way for the residents to get the know the elected council person, and to (Air/Vent) their personal concerns with neighbors and council.

    In past 5 decades, think Joseph Cho was the only councilperson whom held these Town Hall Meetings, on monthly basis. Candidates always talked about FUTURE Town-Hall Style meetings, IF ELECTED, but fall short for sponsoring said.

    Think if these meetings were video taped, TOO; and download to the councilperson’s web site, the entire city could review and be better informed citizens. Today, there is a real disconnect, between council and voters, councilpersons are absent from most Neighborhood Watch Meetings, (NW) but seem to spend most of their public appearances with the ABCUSD. Sad, when Cerritos school age residents is dropping to all time low, why spend so much time on shrinking section of 90703? HELLO, WHAT ABOUT US, WHO ARE NOT CONNECTED TO SCHOOLS?

    City may never in our life time, have the amount of school age students living in 90703, since the city has sponsored so many senior housing COMPOUNDS, candidates/ councilperson must adjust their public exposure to be effective communications to the residents. Additionally, housing element is going thru urban menopause, not attractive for millennial buyers, and 90703 is not close to work force industry.

    Most residents are off work, during the holidays, the CCC and candidates should reach out to all sections of the city, this is a prime window of opportunity to learn about the residents zones/ hoods.

    15,000 HOMES in Cerritos, must keep the outdoor lights on from dusk to dawn, on all 4 sides of their homes. Burglars/Thieves do not want to be seen or heard, as the night lights keep thugs off your property. LED Light bulb fixtures are inexpensive to run and much cheaper then replacing a broken window or goods stolen within.

  • Measure C says:

    TO: Cerritos City Council.

    Cerritos Meas. C, (Sales tax increase). March 2020 Election.

    Question, if the 90703 voters are all going to be in on the same page, pecking order for the distribution of increased sales tax, especially when financing sales tax, to purchase a car anywhere in the state. Yes, if the car is registered in to 90703, Buyers pays for the Sales Tax Increase for the purchase, anywhere in the state, will come back to Cerritos. Only way to go around this, register DMV Drivers Lic/ car registration to outside Cerritos, such as relatives of place of employment. Many car/fleets are being registered to: Oregon-Ariz, where registration is cheaper compared to Calif. This is also true, why so many furniture stores and Cosco Left Cerritos, moved in to OC where sales tax is cheaper compared to LA County.

    #1- Sheriff’s.
    #2- Senior and youth programs
    #3-Street and tree maintenance
    #5- Library
    #6- Senior Center
    #7- Drinking water