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December 20, 2019 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper

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  • Village says:

    Basic concept Toys for Tot is excellent. Do toys really last more than a day ? Always thought that Toys for Tots should be substituted for clothes for Tots, or Furniture For Tots, so the item would last more than just through the Christmas period. Many companies who are participating in infinity of drives, are just using this as a way to advertise their logo or their company name on TV or radio.

    New Year brings you many cherished memories and good health.

    Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, an American leadership coach and author of several management-related books said, “Those who lead by example and demonstrate passion for what they do make it much easier for their followers to do the same.” Thanks to your individual leadership, example, and passion – the Cerritos Neighborhood Watch program is stronger than ever … and getting stronger. Additionally, your unrelenting efforts and displayed passion for public safety have certainly made it much easier for me and others to follow in kind. Thank you for setting the example … and making a difference in this vibrant city. Dr. Goldsmith would no doubt say, … See, NOW that’s what I’m talking about …

    Items worthy of mention:
    If you have not done so, please sign up to receive the Neighborhood Watch message directly from City staff. Your good-natured Block Captains would appreciate one less task; sign up is quick and simple, go to -https://forms.cerritos.us/neighborhood_watch_interest.php.

    15,000 HOMES in Cerritos, must keep the outdoor lights on from dusk to dawn, on all 4 sides of their homes. Burglars/Thieves do not want to be seen or heard, as the night lights keep thugs off your property. LED Light bulb fixtures are inexpensive to run and much cheaper then replacing a broken window or goods stolen within.

    HOLIDAY OVERNIGHT PARKING PERMITS- no permits need till after New Years 2020. News Year will be celebrated big time this year, beginning of new decade.

  • Lights says:

    Christmas lights around the city.
    Cerritos, Bigelow , west of Carmenita
    Cerritos, Kings Rowe
    Cypress, Edgemont Circle;
    Downey- North of Florence
    Hunt Beach – Huntington Harbor.
    La Palma- Dallas Circle
    La Palma- Janeen Circle and De Vries Lane- West of Walmart.
    La Palma- Landmark Tract, south of Steven Luther School.
    Laguna- Neille Gail.
    Long Beach- Daisy
    Long Beach- Naples Island.
    Los Alamitos, Maple Street, near the intersection of Farquhar and Bloomfield;
    Los Angeles, Griffith Park and Zoo.
    Marina Del Ray- Harbor of Lights.
    Newport Beach- Harbor of Lights on boats.
    Riverside- Mission Inn
    Torrance- Shady Hallow, Hollywood Rivera Section.

  • Neighborhood Watch says:

    Tammy, thank you for putting the photos of the neighborhood watch (NW) Christmas program in the newspaper, very educational for all NW zones in the community. Photo speaks million words. Seen this same NW Program, walking the streets as a group, over by the Cerritos Post Office too.

    Something my family is trying to do for my neighborhood, which is a little different. We try to keep a basket of small soft drinks at the front door, so when residents from different neighborhoods walk in to our neighborhood or individuals from our immediate neighborhood walk around, give them a soda beverage and talk to them. THE ACT, is a good Icebreaker, and a lot of Beachside communities do this because there’s more people out walking around compared to Cerritos Dairy Valley area. When my dad was living, he gave away small free candy, to people walking day and night time out front. In addition, it is a good way to meet the neighborhood kids , by offering them a free can of small. Try this next time anyone curb sits or driveway sits, great conversational ice breaker.

    Today, we also give some soda pop: Public Workers, Trash Men, Postal Workers, Deliveries personnel, Domestic Gardeners, who are laboring in our tracts, trying to make it better place to live.. Holidays is a calendar for giving and we should extend this out to all days on the calendar.

    Thanks for the LCCN News for publishing this.

  • Winter rains says:

    During the 1960’s and 1970’s before Cerritos Dairy Valley was really built up, many of the road such as: , Carmenita, Bloomfield, South Street, Del Amo, Artesia we’re all impassable during heavy rains. These roads flooded by runoff from dairy farms, during heavy rains. The dairy farms would flood and the rain water would flow out into the streets, since there was no curbs-gutters for runoff, street would flood, making them impassable for car traffic. Cows would hurdle in large circular groups and stand on the highest elevations on farms, in order to keep dry.

    Car brakes would fail, since cars were not equipped with ABS Brakes and other mechanisms to keep the brakes dry.

    Many cows did die from diseases from flooding, some are buried in the park adj to ADP/La Palma, over hundred thousand cows are buried in Long Beach Airport.

    Long Beach Freeway, ( 710) would flood very easily, down the center of the freeway, were meridians of geranium flowers and grass. Back in the day, no 605, we had to reply on 710 for N/S transportation.

    Today’s residents can hardly hear the rain outside because we have been silenced by tile roofs and dual pane windows. When the homes had only shake roofs, they were very noisy during these heavy rains, likely experienced over the weekend. Also, roof mounted TV antennas were noisy too. Some farm homes, had lighting rods on the roof, as area had frequent lighting storms.