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FOX NEWS POLL: 54% Favor Impeaching and Removing Trump

From the Washington Post

Fox News personality Brian Kilmeade made a remarkable admission early Monday morning.

“The Fox poll came out — and I was stunned by this,” Kilmeade said on “Fox and Friends.” “This says 50 percent of the country want the president impeached. I was stunned to see that that’s the number, because I thought that things were trending away.” 

Actually, the Fox News poll released Sunday said that 54 percent of Americans want to see President Trump impeached. Fifty percent support impeaching him and removing him from office; an additional 4 percent support impeaching him but allowing him to remain on the job. Forty-one percent don’t think he should be impeached at all.

(Interestingly, it’s that 4 percent who are most likely to see their desires fulfilled. Trump is likely to be impeached by the House this week but then acquitted by the Senate sometime next month.)

There are, of course, broad differences in how members of each party view impeachment. Democrats overwhelmingly support impeaching and ousting Trump, while Republicans overwhelmingly disagree. Independents fall in the middle, with 50 percent supporting impeachment of the president (and slightly less supporting removal).

  • Polls says:

    Polls are really hard to determine the input they’re Gathering their information from. There is no custodial of the polling audience, so lot of polls can be very blurred/ incorrect!!!

    Polls said that Hillary would be the winner in past election, well she won part of the election, but Trump won the electoral votes. Polls were incorrect then too.

    Do think USA is in for some voting issues, both in the primary / November election, a lot of the mad Republicans will not be voting, nor will switch to the Democrats Party…….. and the Democrats really don’t have any strong candidates running so far, so will sit out the elections.

    My personal feeling, a lot of people will be sitting out the elections in 2020, plus are scarred of foreign voter hacking and are really being annoyed by the social media befriending drama….then some voters are still confused on the newest computerized voting machines and will never vote again. This method will trickle down to local 90703 elections as well!

    Clinton’s impeachment had a huge world wide audience, because the recipe over the impeachment involved oral sex. Recipe for Trump, most viewers know nothing about eastern Europe and the countries involved in the impeachment, have changed boundaries so much since WW2. Nixon impeachment, voters were short changed on the drama, since he resigned from office before the impeachment ended.