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Appointee on El Rancho Unified’s Bond Committee, Fined $16,000 by FPPC, Managed Board VP Gabriel Orosco’s Campaign

Raul Merga was fined the maximum $16,000.


Raul Murga, who sits on the El Rancho Unified Bond Oversight Committee, has been fined $16,000 for campaign finance violations stemming from his failed Carson City Council campaign.

The Fair Political Practices Commission signed off on the “default proceeding” against Murga for failing to file semi-annual campaign reports between December 2016 and December 2018.

A default proceeding occurs when the person accused of violations fails to communicate with FPPC officials.

The revelation could cause increased scrutiny aimed at current ERUSD VP Gabriel Orosco; Murga managed Orosco’s ERUSD election campaign.

Murga, who was appointed in July of this year , offered a thin response, “I never heard of the FPPC investigation, I live out of state.”

Living out of state would be a violation of the Oversight Committee’s bylaws, Murga was appointed as an “active member of a bona fide taxpayer association,” and must live within ERUSD boundaries.

Murga is well-known for calling himself a criminal investigator and has been involved in several questionable political attacks on local politicians.

Murga was the executive director of Community for Truth in Politics – a Pico Rivera based political organization.

He went after several Pico Rivera politicians many times, backed by former council member David Armenta, but failed.

Sources told HMG- LCCN at the time that it was an effort by Murga and Armenta to gain a majority on the council and start handing out lucrative contracts.

When contacted by HMG-LCCN, resident John Albitre commented, “Raul Murga is definitely cut from the same cloth as Orozco, Lara and Ybarra.  No wonder they appointed such an unqualified person to their little committee.  These types infiltrate the community on the fringes by spewing negativity and hatred.  Pico Rivera has been terrorized by these hacks for too long and it’s about time one is caught and now being punished for being the true outcasts that they are.” 

  • Dre from Aero says:

    Raul Murga is totally unqualified to sit on the Oversight Committee. First off, he’s NEVER paid taxes in his life. He’s always lived off his late mother Paula and then desperate women seeking companionship.

    His past includes living in a mobile home community in Carson with some lonely woman where he eventually attempted to take over the homeowner’s board of directors. Of course they ran him out (of a trailer park mind you:). From there he launched his Carson City Council campaign where he was laughed out of town. He then returned to Pico Rivera to run for the Pico Water District. This guy should go down in Pico Rivera history as the ultimate homegrown loser ever!!!

    This guy is a nobody who is dying to be recognized as a somebody. The very fact that he was appointed to the Oversight Committee is a black mark on the entire El Rancho school system.

  • John Albitre says:

    True Pico Rivera low-life. A life long mommy’s boy who never made a damn thing of his pathetic life. What does it say about the people responsible for being watchdogs of our bond monies when they never even held steady employment in their lives in an effort to avoid paying child support. The irony here is staggering!!

  • Pete Ramirez says:

    Many of us waited years for this guy to be exposed for what he is… an all around misfit and bottom feeder. Thankfully the voters of Pico Rivera never fell for his crap and elected him to office. Believe me, he isn’t qualified to be elected dog catcher.

    I wish the State luck trying to collect their $16,000 from this joker. I doubt he’s earned $16,000 in his entire life collecting bottles and cans in the alley behind his home.

  • Mary Lou N. says:

    Just a worthless individual who’s been a plaque on Pico Rivera since 2005 when he did is best to derail a revitalized community. While graffiti was being eliminated and the city united to raise it’s sales tax to build a new library and rebuild new parks, Murga went after the city leaders who made all that happen. Now we have a bunch of do-nothings on the City Council like Salcido, Elias, Tercero and Camacho who live of the residual benefits of those efforts.

    Let’s hope Murga is once and for all discarded by our city.