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Senate Majority Leader Liar: Moscow Mitch McConnell, There Are Over 275 Bills on Your Desk

Photo courtesy Washington Post


Majority leader “Moscow” Mitch McConnell, the self-proclaimed Grim Reaper, stood in the Senate chambers yesterday and lied.

But what’s new? It is a pattern he has followed since shortly after Donald Trump was elected president.

He said while the Democrats are conducting impeachment hearings they are not legislating and passing bills.

Moscow Mitch should check his desk instead of sipping on his borscht.

Right now, the Reaper has 275 bills on his desk, bipartisan bills passed by the House, ready to be passed by his chamber and sent to the president.

There is a bill for background checks on guns, sitting on his desk for months.

85% of gun owners approve of the bill, yet the Reaper has not allowed it to come to the Senate floor.

20,000 people have died since the House sent the bill over, Mr. Reaper.

Woman voters please take note; the Paycheck Fairness Bill, equal pay for equal work, and the Violence Against Woman Act reauthorization bill sit on the Reaper’s desk ready for passage.

There’s a bill to raise the minimum wage that will affect 30 million; 23 million of those 30 million would be woman.

Also on the Grim Reaper’s desk is the Equality Act and Discrimination Against LGBT and the Gay Community Act, and the Dream and Promise Act, which will save the dreamers from deportation.

And most telling, sitting on Moscow Mitch’s desk is the Safe Act, which will protect our federal election system from tampering.

Climate Action Act, H.R. 9, passed months ago, is also sitting on McConnell’s desk; he is afraid to touch that bill because Trump does not believe in climate change, as witnessed by him pulling out of the Paris Accord.

And the majority leader stands up at the dais in the Senate Chamber yesterday and spews bald-faced lies about how the Democrats have done nothing but conduct impeachment hearings.

Instead of moving your Rubles around your desk Mitch, while your wife lands huge foreign contracts as the Secretary of Transportation, you should act like a Senator and let the bills go to the floor.

As Pelosi said, Democrats can walk and chew bubble gum; they can legislate, investigate, and litigate.

Moscow Mitch McConnell can only prevaricate, obfuscate, and castigate.




  • His wife is not Secretary of Commerce. She runs the DoT.