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Don’t Miss the Major Retail Inserts (Four) in Los Cerritos Community News This Week!


No other independently-owned community newspaper in the Los Angeles DMA delivers more inserts than Los Cerritos Community News.

This week we delivered four, showing the strength of LCCN’s readership; a testimonial that major retailers desire our delivery area and demographics; an area that has less than 15% daily circulation penetration by the Los Angeles Times and other dailies.

In addition, our rates are three times less than all the area dailies.

Major retailers who would rather see their inserts inside an award-wining hyper-local community newspaper with a proven track record instead of using the USPS or wrapped in a TMC non-readership product, call us at 562.407.3873.

We can zone too, minimum 10,000.

Our circulation map is below, click on image to view larger document.

  • Porch Pirates says:

    Did not see the lines, camping, standing, sleeping, Staging of temporary fencing in parking lots, compared to previous BLACK FRIDAY EVENTS. 90703 had cold wet weather this yr.

    Noted, my hood and major arterial highway passing by my hood, was very quiet on Thanksgiving Nite-Black Friday AM, buyers were not up all nite chasing deals.

    Read that Black Friday in China, week before ours in USA, was more successful and brought in more money compared to USA. Seems like Xmas sales started before Halloween was completed in Socal. Have not seen the toys or perfumes being marketed on Socal TV, compared to yrs ago.

    Will be interesting to see 90703 sees an up, in door to door delivery vans, compared to other yrs, or will good(s) purchased on line, be delivered to priv. boxes to detour door porch pirating. Maybe the strength of Neighborhood Watch will discourage door thefts.

    Not seen an increase in door to door grocery deliveries yet. WM/90703, is building PU services, compared to yesteryears: Gemco/Fedco loading docks.

    Not all of 90703 shares in spirit of Christmas!!! Cerritos has done a noteworthy job in decorating the maj. arterial streets lite poles, with illuminated shoot stars.

    Neighborhood Watch, (NW) North of 90703 USPO has decorated the street trees throughout their NW zone. Hurrah! Miss the decorations on Peton Place/Fiske Tract and the parade of lites over by Palo Verdes/ South hood.