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November 29, 2019 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper

  • Houston Xmas Lites says:

    ALLAN ROEDER | La Palma new CM

    W E L C O M E …… Let’s hope the new city manager for La Palma, can put this city back on the map. It is in dire need of money.

    He needs to bring back the Cannabis growing grounds, have a healthy discussion about this now, since the state of California is weighing in on the matter, mandating cannabis in all 400 cities.

    Seems like Costa Mesa is robust with a lot of: Boutique shops, South Coast Plaza, clothing shops, interior decorating shops, maybe he can bring back some life to LP and invite steak/ chicken restaurants back to La Palma . Business vacancies sitting all over La Palma , and that means money leaving the city and not being spent in the city of La Palma. He needs to clean up the stagnant police department to boot, to many good officers have jumped ship for other police-forces. Lot of loose change sitting down in Los Alamitos, Cypress and Rossmoor, if La Palma only had some attractive stores and facilities to suck up the money from its southern neighbors. . Stop the Alzheimer unit from landing in to the vacant grocery store pad and light a firecracker under the fay La Palma Medical center!

    Let’s hope he can bring back some green life to the dead landscape meridians, down the middle of the streets, and bring back to the community El Rancho Verde’s Park, current condition is nothing but a dirt and weedpatch.

    Know Mr. Roeder can do just as good job for La Palma, compared to his term for Costa Mesa. He can do a fantastic job for the city of La Palma, while at the helm.

  • Weed says:

    Hurrah for the HUBBARD OUTCRY, to enforce Prop 64, sales of Cannabis .

    Cerritos is nothing better then worn out GOP, and it’s going nowhere, starting early on with restrictions on Overnight Parking and RV Laws. It’s been lost to the dust decades ago. Housing element has never looked so bad and the urban landscape and Public Works is a shame to the industry standards.

    Cerritos forbid drive-thru eateries , then came no no to self service gas stations with food Islands, then prohibiting artificial turf, then came no no to Granny flats and now trying to kick Vapor sales out of the sea . It’s ridiculous when we go to vote for proposition 64, city of Cerritos feels like it’s super succeeds our democratic voting privileges . Most or all of the aboves have won and cost money from our annual budget, then city is broke towards Public Works repairs etc.

    Why does Cerritos have to have full time Esq on staff, plus lets get real, city has 9 borderline cities surrounding it, so is an island of nuisance laws, which the 9 surrounding cities are only laughing at, hence making money on Cerritos GOP ?

    Too many of Cerritos cannabis buyers are running to Long Beach and La Habra- Mirada to purchase cannabis sales. Cannabis Industry is all good union jobs, secure buildings, and a huge sales tax of almost 16%. Employees are all excellent dressed, much better than most students and shoppers who live in 90703. Cerritos budget could use a dosage from Cannabis Sales, so we wouldn’t have to have a sales tax increase like proposed in the March 2020 ballot. It’s ridiculous that the city would even consider a sales tax increase over 10%, when it has done nothing to promote businesses in the city.

    Hope HUBBARD will succeed and open new gateways for medically challenged residents and regular Pot Buyers, in all 400 cities, to receive benefits from Cannabis.

  • Frogs says:

    HISTORY | Cerritos Dairy Valley and Downey.

    During the 60s-70’s, when the region had as much rain as we did over Thanksgiving weekend 2019; many streets were flooded and these large 6”- 8” Diameter toads would float out into the street and when they were tossed on their backs, they would drown in the streets. Many times we would walk up and down the streets with our knee hi rain boots on, flip over these toads, so they wouldn’t drown in the water & OR BECOME AUTO-TIRE PASTE…….

    Not uncommon to hear cars driving up and down the streets, accidentally driving over and killing these toad like frogs, so we tried to prevent this by flipping them over on to their stomachs, so they can go back into the Dairyland flooded pastures for breeding and reproduction.

    Today, region is void of frogs and toads.