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November 22, 2019 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper

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  • Wreath says:

    La Mirada

    Glad to read, city of La Mirada is having a Holiday Contest for all the home owners plus giving out awards.

    Cerritos is one of the worst Cities for individual home decorations, but Ret. Dr. Greg Berg tried to change this decade ago, but got negative static from one commissioner on the Cerritos Property Preservation Commission, so never went forward.

    Very thankful, when I was growing up, blessed growing up in Downey and Palos Verdes, where many homes were professionally decorated for Holidays & in the 50’s Downey residents were starting to bring to Downey, touches from Hawaii. When we first moved in to Cerritos, many streets were decorated with holiday cheer amongst the homes, but with the filtering of diversity, the city is handcuffed from Holiday Décor between homes and businesses.

    Too bad, Cerritos Chinese are not in support of Holiday Decorations, only creating deeper divide by trying to wash Xmas from Cerritos Landscape.

    Do enjoy the Cerritos Holiday decoration on some of the select public street light post throughout the city of Cerritos. Like that some of the ornaments are different color. Great job. Cerritos is the Best city for outdoor city décor on Street Lights and glad city took funds from Arts In Public Place Trust Funds, to refurbish the street light police decor. .

    Very sad day, we see and listen to Holiday Greetings and Decoration: (TV, PC and most stores) ; but our streetscape are very sad and dismal looking, since void of Holiday Decorations. Do want to give thanks to the largest Neighborhood Watch Zone in Cerritos, directed by newbie resident of few years, over by the Cerritos Post Office, this zone is promoting holiday cheer by wrapping the tree trunks in the front meridians, of the city owned tree trunks and having an annual decoration contest in December and invited the CCC to attend. Kudos to this hood, this does strengthen our Neighborhood Watch Program, (NW) which is being directed by Daryl Evan, Dir. of our Community Safety. Strongly feel, all (NW) should ditto this decorations in some fashion, as the decorations is another way to detour burglaries, as the homes in the NW looked lived in, compared to leaving the porch light on program.