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Trash Is Piling Up All Over Hawaiian Gardens With Plenty of Blame to Go Around

Trash at a condominium complex in Hawaiian Gardens, residents said there are eight more bins at the complex that are overflowing.



While rotting trash is accumulating in many parts of Hawaiian Gardens, Mayor Myra Maravilla and the City Council will finally conduct a hearing, waiting an entire week, and allowing the trash to accumulate even more, to once again discuss terminating CWS’ contract.

Under the Ralph M. Brown Act, Maravilla and the City Council could have sent out a notice and held a meeting within two days to address the situation.

“Poor leadership, no foresight on the situation, typical of this City Council,” former Hawaiian Gardens Mayor Rey Rodriguez told HMG-LCCN.

The staff report included in last week’s meeting presented clear evidence that CWS was in violation of its contract with the City, but Mayor Maravilla and the Council were apparently afraid to pull the termination trigger, leaving residents driving by stinky piles of trash for the foreseeable future.

The voluminous staff report included several default letters, which, under California’s Public Resource Code Section 49000, starts the clock on termination.

City staff even went the extra step and attempted to work with CWS to cure the breaches and defaults starting in March of this year, each of which gave CWS steps to resolve the defaults.

In addition to the default notices, the City also attempted to arrange meetings with CWS but CWS did not attend most meetings.

“How much more evidence did they need? We have trash piling up all over the City and they wait a week to meet, shameful. These people go to conventions and spend thousands, hand out contracts to questionable vendors, yet when it comes to the residents of the City, they fail to act.”

  • Tin Can Alley says:

    Laugh out loud, this reminds me of a photo taken out of the city of New York .

    Seems like Haw gardens is handcuffed by yesteryears and can not move forward. Doesn’t surprise me at all, any of your readers can view HGCC meetings on cable TV, some of the stuff that is broadcasted is just hysterical and so dumb. Even some of their staff members are very questionable character, not only the council. Think everyone can remember Ms Dumbo, the former city clerk,,,,,Then when you get the members of the city coming to speak at the podium, many of them have never learned how to speak or write their own native tongue and now are trying to talk at the podium and is just hysterical!!!.

    If your readers remember back about 75 -100 years ago, Hawaiian Gardens used to be the public sanitation dump for Long Beach & Downey Etc. Now today in sections of Hawaiian Gardens there’s methane gas coming out of the soil, witnessed many people starting little fires on the sidewalks, they throw a match into cracks of the concrete pavement, sometimes the methane gas is oozing through the cracks in the pavement & ignites.

    Besides this trash being shameful, the real shame goes to the Hawaiian Gardens code enforcement, many of these homes located all throughout the city, are in such poor/ illegal condition, they should be condemned. I’m sure if Los Angeles County building department inspected some of these properties , they would be immediately yellow tagged and closed down.

    Some of these auto repair facilities in Hawaiian Gardens, sure are just nothing more than chop shops. I was told to me, by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, many years ago, they said they don’t have the authority to investigate these chop shops. Also some of these homes and businesses are still operating illegal puppy mills.

    Still laugh of yesteryears on Pioneer Boulevard, city limit between Long Beach and Hawaiian Gardens, the City of Long Beach had to barricade & close off the street at night, because the HG drunks used to migrate in to Long Beach Homes, and sleep on the front lawns at Eldorado Park estate homes.

    Then I remember the x rated movie houses/ book stores, on Norwalk Boulevard near the Long Beach borderline. LASD use to tell one hell of good stories, when they were getting haircuts in Greater Dairy Valley Barber Shops, about some of the sagas being generated from these book stores…

    Shame that El Dorado Park church had to be torn down for new homes, because the new homes which cost approximately $1Ml use the ABC School District, and nobody is going to pay $1M to have their children mixed with Hawaiian Gardens children. Then how stupid is this, said homes have to pay Mello Roos Bond Tax to ABCUSD and never have any attentions to use school district. Then I asked the superintendent of ABCUSD why does HG allow hobos/ homeless to live on the roof tops of HG schools, I could not get an answer. Then I asked the principal of the school, her replay was ABCUSD owns most of the roads/highway in the city of HG, which is not true. Can you believed ABCUSD employs this type of mentality.

    Well Haw gardens, failure to making noteworthy changes to your city is proving to being fatal to your city.