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Sears to Close 19 Stores in California

Transform Holdco, the company that bought Sears Holdings, disclosed late Thursday a list of the next Sears and Kmart stores to close by the end of February.

Going-out-of-business sales in the 96 stores — 51 Sears and 45 Kmart — slated to close will begin Dec. 2, Transform said in a statement. 

After the closures, the company SHLDQ, +8.98% will operate 182 stores and “will continue to evaluate our Sears and Kmart footprint,” it said in a statement.


Buena Park, 8150 La Palma Ave.

Chula Vista, 565 Broadway

Fresno, 3636 N Blackstone Ave.

Los Angeles, 3755 Santa Rosalia Dr.

Montclair, 5080 Montclair Plaza Ln.

Moreno Valley, 22550 Town Circle

North Hollywood, 12121 Victory Blvd.

Palm Desert, 72-880 Hwy. 111

Riverside, 5261 Arlington Ave.

San Bernadino, 100 Inland Ctr

San Bruno, 1178 El Camino Real

San Jose, 2180 Tully Rd.

Santa Maria, 200 Town Ctr. E.

Temecula, 40710 Winchester Road

Tracy, 3350 Naglee Rd.

Ventura, 3295 E Main Street

Victorville, 14420 Bear Valley Rd.

Visalia, 3501 S Mooney Blvd.

West Covina, 1209 Plaza Dr.

  • marigolds says:

    Bye Bye Sears…….

    Many residents from greater Dairy Valley area, shocked the Buena Park Sears store has remained open so long. It never seems to have very many shoppers. BP mall died when Fedco and May Co vacated that mall. BP mall has low sales tax rate of 7.75%

    Flipside, surprised the Long Beach store is staying open, since they have a higher sales tax of over 10.25%. Maybe it has to do with lease contract.

    Closing of Sears/Cerritos Mall, is a real eyesore to the community and Macerich. Los Cerritos Mall needs: Ikea, Bloomingdales, Floor & Décor, Lowes, Mortons Steak House, 5 Crowns Steak, Amazon Outlet, Beni Hannas, Soup Plantation, Fry Electronics, Hard Rock Café.

    Cerritos has way too many chinese cafe, need more German-French and steak-chicken restaurants.