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November 1, 2019 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper

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  • Cerritos Park East says:


    Cerritos director, Darrell Evans did an outstanding job orchestrating this meeting. Probably the best in the city’s history! Hopefully next time it will be broadcasted live, more residents can see it at home when it’s happening, or away on their smart phone. It is downloaded, online, on the city’s webpage, but it has been edited, but least the residents can see/ hear some of the 2 hr meeting. It’s better than nothing.

    Very sad, ABCUSD students did not show, they are the real rib behind our Disaster Preparedness programs. Meeting had alot of the oldies/ seniors in the city.

    Too bad there wasn’t more of dialogue within the Cerritos city limits or the nine surrounding cities, residents really don’t even know where Whittier or Pico Rivera are located and so forth. Cerritos has little in common with many cities in the district. Cerritos reflects more on to Orange County and Long Beach.

    Cerritos neighborhood watch is awesome, hard to reach out to everybody, when so many of the residents do not speak English. Hard to know your neighbor, when they don’t speak the same tongue, and they don’t tell you when they’re coming in and out of the country. If the Neighborhood Watch Zone doesn’t have a local school, it is hard to get residents together, as children are the central atom, for all neighborhood watch zones. The successful zones have schools located inside the Zone, but not all neighborhood watch zones are that fortunate.

    Today, residents can go to city web page and become a NW member, without becoming part of a zone and can remain incognito and still get e-blast from city. Top of city web site, is banner, called Safer Cerritos. Push on this link and fill out the forms.

    If more residents took pride in maintaining the outside of their home and keep the yard lights, city would have less crime. City needs to reanalyze our overnight parking, cuz it seems like the houses which have cars parked on the street or in the driveway are less victims of burglaries.

    Cerritos Mayor was very hard to understand, does not speak good English, when the sounds are changed over the internet.

    Residents were offered free in home security consultation from Best Buys Staff, that is a huge freebie.

    Lot of prizes were given to all, end of meeting.

    Thank you Mr. Evens and city manager Art G.