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Two Story Home Burns in Cerritos

The garage located at 18122 Owen where the fire occurred.

FROM ON SCENE TV • 10.30.2019

A two-story home burned after an oven fire extended within the home, Tuesday night.

Authorities responded to reports of an oven fire inside a home in the 18100 block of Owen Avenue around 9:49 PM.

Units arriving on scene located a two-story residence with heavy smoke and fire showing and began efforts to attack the blaze.

Within 15 minutes crews had extinguished the fire which appeared to have spread from the kitchen to a garage.

No injuries were reported and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

  • Firestorm says:

    Time to the year Property Owners of homes should inspect following:

    1. HVAC systems, replace the filters.

    2. Check the clothes dryers vent for nests and lint build-up.

    3. Ovens can catch on fire with either grease or baking things too long. Keep cloth away from the stovetop, as they are very combustible.

    4. Be careful of portable Room heaters- humidifier machines, keep them on too long they can catch on fire.

    5. If you’re using your fireplace for wood burning, make sure that the fireplace chimney is cleaned out by a professional company to make sure that all the bird’s nests and tree residue is cleaned out of the chimney. Cerritos has had a few earthquakes this year, make sure that all the bricks are secure on the chimney, as a mortar leak and cause a fire.

    6. In another month people will be putting up Christmas trees and decorations make sure they’re non-combustible.

    7. If dwellings have a lot of overgrown Horticulture vegetation make sure they’re thinned out and kept away from overhead wires and the roofs of our house, so they don’t catch on fire.

    8. Great investment are roof top fire irrigation system and fire alarms.

    9. If your city street is overgrown with pine trees, make sure your cars engine is free of pine needle debris and squirrel nests.

    10. Outdoor BBQ/ Fireplaces are prime areas for rodent nestings, so make sure they are cleaned out, least 2x yearly.

    11. If your property is older and has overhead utility wires, report all sparks, as Santa Ana Winds and trees can rub and create sparks and start fires.

    12. If your home has wooden shingle roof, spray with fire retardant paint, which also preserves the life of the shingles and underlayment.

    13. If property owners are leaving homes for extended periods, disconnect the battery car wires and leave a car parked in the driveway, to reduce home burglaries.

    14. Tikki torches and candles must be kept away from the santa ana winds.

    15. Make sure you have serviceable and long garden hoses, just in case. Even new hoses can be breached by coyotes/ raccoon/ possum teeth, since it is so dry, animals will try to suck water out of the hoses.

    16. Turn pool equipment off during SA wind events, so the equipment does not blow over and cause a gas fire.

    17. Lighting strikes can hit anywhere and cause fires.

    18. After any and all earthquakes, check for gas leaks and broken wires.