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October 25, 2019 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper

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  • USA trucking says:

    Truck routes.

    Affected streets are not only Bloomfield, but also on Carmenita, South Street, Artesia and Del Amo. Some streets have more trucks then others, but it’s not only about noise abatement, it’s also about the friable dust from the asbestos trucks brakes, and the friable dust from the diesel fuel, exhaust, Etc.

    Wondering if a study has made on the data of cancer residents have along these maj. Corridors. It’s just a matter of time before one of these 18 wheelers has major motor vehicle accident, and slams into homes and kills many innocent residents. Follow the money trail, trucking is about making money for the trucking industry and said industry is blind to the negative fallout it has help create over the past decades.

    Now the former High School compounds in Norwalk, have been modified for staging 18 wheeler trucks. Can bet on this one, school district never consulted how more trucking in this area, only elevates more serious health issues to the residents, some residents homes have values around $1M plus and many multi- family homes have values to around $750K,

    Sure hope all of the homes along these affected corridors have been routinely cleaning the exterior of their properties, hi pressure washing the stucco, window, roof, landscape, garage, to rid of some of the friable contaminants. Poss. some of the sub soils along these corridor are contaminated with spill from these 18 wheelers.

    Many people have to run their HVAC systems, 24/7 in order to live along the said streets, as it acts as a air purifier and also a white noise. Sure asthma, lung diseases, breast cancers, brain tumors and host of mental issues are higher along these truck routes.

    Strongly feel, these properties owners should file a class action lawsuit against the industry, as this has gone on way too long.

    Why has it taken the CCC so long to launch investigations? This has been addressed to this CCC and many from the past. Cerritos was diversity in everything, but this is one pink elephant where diversity has failed our environment and residents.

  • Arterial Roads says:

    The vibrations from the truck traffic could very well create post Construction defects, for many of the dwellings along the truck routes. Remember these homes are were built during the 60s and 70s, most of these homes are full: asbestos, asbestos ceilings, radon, and Lead. If any of these become Disturbed, because of the truck vibrations, the homes can be contaminated and the residents can be exposed to these contaminants. We’re not talking contaminants from outside the dwellings, but addressing the contaminants found into the construction of the homes.

    If any of the drywall from these older homes have been Disturbed, there may be a lot of asbestos from the back side of the drywall and from the mud. A lot of the dry walls anchors can also become loose. We all know that the popcorn ceilings are full of asbestos, and if they become friable during vibration, that friable asbestos can get lodged in our lungs and eventually residents will come down with lung cancer.

    Electrical junctures can become loose from vibrations: Lite switches, boxes, wing nuts, et al.

    Urge all residents who live around the truck routes, to have a independent contractor come in and do a professional survey of the interior of the homes the attics Etc. These vibrations can cause Timber sticks to become loose, giant hangers to become separated and cracked, and some of the homes maybe becoming detached from the foundation. These homes were not built that well, and if we’ve had so many decades from this abusive truck trafficking, sure that these homes are suffering from severe vibrations. Hence, some of these homes are starting to fall apart behind the drywall and on the inside of the attics and where they’re attached to the drywall/ concrete foundations. Many of the windows in these homes probably do not open and shut very well, because the window frames and headers, are becoming loose, tweaked and detaching, causing structural damage to the homes.

    Would not be shocked, if some of the plumbing is leaking in some select homes, PVC lines are leaking, and sure some of the sewer lines are also leaking because of this intense vibration caused from these trucks. Pool gunite can crack, and pool tiles can become loose.