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Cerritos City Council Candidate Jennifer Hong Holds Kick Off Campaign

SUPPORTERS of Jennifer Hong gathered at Shadow Park for her campaign kick-off event. In attendance was Council Members Grace Hu, Mark Pulido, Mayor pro tem Frank Yokoyama, former three-term Mayor Diana Needham, Cerritos College Trustee Dr. Shin Liu and over 100 family and friends. Photo by Tammy McDuff.


Cerritos Council candidate Jennifer Hong held her kick off campaign at the Shadow Park Clubhouse this past Saturday October 12th to a standing room only crowd. Not only has Hong gathered support from long time residents, friends, the local and international business communities, but is fully supported by current City Councilmembers, Grace Hu, Mark Pulido, and Mayor pro tem Frank Yokoyama.

For the past 35 years Jennifer Hong has been deeply involved and committed to the Cerritos Community, raising her family as a business woman and serving on numerous Commissions and Committees. 

“We welcome you to her official kick-off campaign!” said former three-time Cerritos Mayor Diana Needham, who emceed the event.

Cerritos College Board of Trustee Dr. Shin Liu was in attendance and congratulated Hong on her campaign stating that she was a great supporter of Cerritos College, “Whenever we needed something, regardless of what that ‘something’ was, Jennifer has always gone above and beyond to see that we got it, whether it was funding, supporters, or friendship. She was always there for the college. I know that as a Cerritos Councilmember she will continue to support our efforts.”

Frank Yokoyama, Cerritos Mayor pro tem has known Hong for many years, ”I want to commend Jennifer on the dedication she has given to our city, she genuinely cares about Cerritos, having lived here for the last 38 years. I know her as a successful business woman, a caring mother and loving wife. She will take the same attitude toward our city … and like Diana mentioned she gets things done. This is why I can think of no one better to add to our already dynamic Cerritos City Council.”

 Grace Hu, current Councilmember and former Mayor has known Hong for many years and served with her on several city committees. “Jennifer has shown her strength and tenacity to understand zoning and planning, making tough decisions to recommend to our city council. If you want to vote for someone who really knows the city’s general plan, development codes and will keep Cerritos the wonderful city we have become, then you must not only vote for Jennifer, but support her in her campaign and stand with her as she moves on as our future new councilwoman.”

In a touching moment Mark E. Pulido, Councilmember and two term mayor was the last speaker of the afternoon. “I love this city,” he began, “I was elected to the Cerritos Council in March of 2011. I have served as Mayor Pro Tem and as Mayor, and as my term limit approaches, I am proud to support Jennifer Hong. She will serve this city proudly.” 

Pulido added, “Jennifer has served on the Cerritos Planning Commission for two years as Vice Chair and as Chairperson taking those responsibilities to heart, establishing policies to help Cerritos become a better city and I have become a better councilman and city advocate because of her dedication. I could think of no one better to take on the duties and incorporate fresh and new ideas to Cerritos.”

  • Electronic voter says:

    Jennifer Hong Campaign.

    Running for any office today, candidates must think outside the box, to succeed. Would like to learn what Ms Hong plans to do to improve the city and the city’s housing and municipal landscape? What kin of changes would she like done to the planning commission?
    Thank you for running for a council candidate. Here is a couple of helpful suggestions……don’t get upset for what I’m saying, but many candidates across the USA have the same philosophy, what I’m going to give you for free.

    Ms. Hong, you live in one of the more active Neighborhood Watch Zones, how can you expertise for this zone be duplicated throughout the city? Some NW are active, some are dwindling in size. Now the city web site, allows residents to join the NW directly and not be associated in to a particular NW compared to yours. This newly launched program allows residents to join and be in cognito.

    Photos speak a million words. Cerritos advertises diversity, but don’t see bone deep diversity in your group photo. Most of the people are Asians. What happened to all the seniors who are white haired, blonde residents, red-haired residents, medically impaired/disabled seniors, African American residents, have they been whitewashed away from your campaign? There’s nothing wrong with being handicap and in a wheelchair, or being pregnant, they should be sitting in the front for all future pictures/ mailers. We need babies and I don’t see this. I’m handicapped, wasn’t this way a majority of my life, but it is what it is and I have to be proud of it, and I’m not going to hide my wheelchair, or my crutches out of sight, they are part of my lifestyle and would appreciate that future pictures. From 50’s-60’s we still have residents who have side effects from Polio.

    Don’t see anybody w/ alternative marriages, transgender or gay and lesbian. There are many living in the city, 2 former gay policemen ran for CCC, but I don’t see them in your photos, is there a reason for this, are you ashamed ?. If they can serve in the military, they should be worthy of a group photo to advertise Cerritos Diversity.
    I always tell everybody running for office, their home and family becomes Cerritos Mafia ( any city USA) , advertise your family and your home and garden. Impossible not to have your family thrown in the political recipes. Sure hope your home and garden is in order & award winning, after serving on the CPC? My opine, Cerritos housing stock in the worst appearing in the past 50 yrs. Why cant Cerritos be: Rossmoor-Montecito-Palos Verdes or Beverly Hills???

    During the 70’s-90’s, city has been compared to Irvine, today, this has ceased. After listening to many speakers at CCC, lot of the city graduates are leaving city for Yorba Linda and Irvine, How can you reverse this?

    Please opine on the proposed Sales Tax Increase, which will go to votes in March 2020.

    Your group photo, is vacant young families, what can the city do to reverse this and encourage your families to move in to Cerritos, compared to La Palma and Cypress?