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La Palma Mourns Passing of Former Mayor Pro Tem Thomas Wright

LA PALMA, Calif. – Former Mayor Pro Tem Thomas Wright, who served on the La Palma City Council from 1987 – 1988, passed away on October 10, 2019.Mr. Wright was unanimously appointed to the La Palma City Council in May 1987 to fill a vacancy created by Council Member Daniel Collins, who had resigned earlier that year. Mr. Wright served the rest of Collins’ term and served as Mayor Pro Tem in 1988.

Mr. Wright was very active in the La Palma community. In the 1960s and 1970s, Mr. Wright served as chairman for both the City’s Traffic Safety Committee and Development Committee as well as helped build the Bicentennial Gazebo in Central Park. Additionally, he was selected as La Palma’s first recipient of the Americana Citizen of the Year Award in 1976 and also served as a committee chairman for his homeowner’s association.In the 1980s, Mr. Wright served as the Business Manager for the John F. Kennedy High School’s Regiment Band for their Ireland trip and also served on the Walker Junior High School Community Relations Board.

Mayor Marshall Goodman said, “We are sad to hear about the passing of former Mayor Pro Tem Thomas Wright. He was a dedicated public servant and volunteer who cared deeply about making La Palma the wonderful city it is today. We are forever grateful for his service to our community.”

  • Dairyland-Dairy Cities says:

    LP Death:

    Speaking with Personnel in the city of La Palma, while walking thru the portrait parlor of past LPCC; learnt that majority of the former retired Council persons do not live in the city of La Palma anymore; they’ve moved out of state, couldn’t afford to live and retire in the city of La Palma or Southern California. That is really a shame. My cousins have left Cerritos-La Palma too, for better and cleaner cities, cities with more personalities.

    Sure do like that gazebo the city of La Palma has in their park, only wish there was more of them around the city, it really adds a personal touch. Flip side, pray that LP park would look better, the city of Cerritos many times, offered to truck in some reclaimed water in order to get that Park green again. Even if the city of La Palma added some drought tolerant plants, at least that would give it better green Horticulture appearance. New international community moving in to the city, has forgotten the importance of green and well maintenance.

    All the cities: La Palma, Cypress and Cerritos are all going to be undertaking a lot of death among the former council people who served the city, because the cities are all about the same age. We’re going to be coming to a day not too far along, when we’re going to have to draw Council people from outside the city limits, the new generation who’s moving into this country are just not producing quality and educated Council people for our future of tomorrow. Its not only La Palma, it is many other surrounding cities in OC/LA communities.