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October 11, 2019 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper

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  • Columbo Holiday says:

    Happy Columbus Day – Canadian Thanksgiving. Most people have a three-day holiday weekend. Palm Springs/Vegas sold out crowds,,,,,,,snow birds are arriving.

    Many people from Dairy Valley are flocking to the 67th annual RV show in Fontana, in past years it was held at Dodger Stadium- Pomona Fairgrounds, this year is the first for the Fontana location. No senior buses from 90703 are attending, what a shame. Largest show in USA.

    Everybody is getting their annual property tax bill in the mail, many are still in a State of Shock, over BB Bond School tax increase, you’ve heard a lot of 911 sirens going over the weekend.

    Thursday and Friday where are big wind events. Trees and limbs came crashing down, pine needle mummies are lining our gutters.

    Just heard that 5 past city council people from Cerritos are in favor of the sales tax increase, they are telling everybody that will help their retirement funds. I bet very little money will be spent on public works, the increase in sales tax will be only useful for a wages.

    If your hood has no electricity, please check in on the neighbors which use durable medical equipment, which will not operate without electricity.

    Talked to some who live in Northern California, they have been without any electricity since Wednesday and they still have not turned it on yet. Hoping today, Sunday, all power will be on.

    They said most of the homes are using a port gas lantern with a propane tank underneath the lantern, they’re purchasing them at Walmart. They said they hang it in the hallway entrance-way, and it lightly shines up all the rooms surrounding that at night.

    They said that they’re using their wood fireplaces, and also at Walmart, purchased a propane Big Buddy Heater, and they said that heats the rooms very well. A Big Buddy Heater is a little portable heater which runs off of a hose fed from a propane bottle. They said it last forever and it throws out a lot of heat.

    Many are cooking off their gas BBQs, but a few of them are using propane stoves out in their patio.

    They said the only way to keep warm is to sit by a glass window, the solar effect keeps them warm, they have no heat in the houses because of the electricity being turned off. The refrigerators, everything has spoiled, they said they’re using mostly can goods and cereals, they said the can goods with the flip ring top works out great, and there eating that kind of food for 3 meals a day. All the restaurants are closed. All the markets are closed.

    Also said thank God for canned milk and canned meat products, they said after you’ve been eating canned food all week, both the milk plus the meat products and fish products taste pretty damn good. They also said that it is hard with pets, because you can’t take them outside at night, because there’s no street lights or house lights it’s just pitch dark and not very safe outside for pets to go for a walk Etc. BEWARE OF ROAMING COYOTES.

    When they’ve had the power off, there is no mail delivery also. No phone. Cell is up/ working.

    Since there’s not a lot of food in Northern California they said that a lot of people are shooting and eating the wild turkeys, and other small birds such as quail and pheasants. They said that the rate of killing these animals it won’t be much left for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Wild fowl are fat this year, from all of the 2018-2019 rain events.

    Wednes Nite, from 6-9pm, Townhall Meeting at Cerritos Park East, over by swim stadium. Lot of eye candy and updates from all Neighborhoods in 90703. Bring your walking sticks in order to walk safely with the wild coyotes in the parking lots. Park has lot of coyotes, eating from Whitney HS and trash cans at park.