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October 4, 2019 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper

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  • Sales Tax says:

    Not everybody is for an increase in sales tax and many residents who live or own property in the city, are not eligible to vote. Election will be very bias, based on the residents eligibility to vote.

    Not everybody was on tune with the BB Bond, Remember, many property owners are on fixed senior incomes. This passing, only brought long term injury to Prop 13 and other Props for inner city transfers for seniors. Cerritos needs seniors to locate in to the city using Prop 13 and other tax saving programs, but by adding more bonds and higher sales taxes, will only discourage seniors.

    Many residents are upset over the proposed sales tax increase and do not like the hi sales taxes charged by LA County, compared to OC. If Cerritos does vote to have new sales tax, there is no guarantees money will go in to PW. Many shoppers, who live in Cerritos or nearby to Cerritos, will shop OC.

    Many residents use the Los Cerritos Mall, but like Councilperson Grace Hu mentioned, many residents want a full mall, cheaper sales tax, so use South Coast Mall & Yorba Linda Super Home Depot. Then look at the increasing amount of DMV registrations being made out of Oregon, in order to not pay sales tax and lower annual fees. Oregon seems to be the new destiny for many new purchases.