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September 27, 2019 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper

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    If it is predictable, it is preventable – says Mr. Gordon Grahm, a 33-year manager of a state law enforcement agency, attorney, and nationally recognized risk management expert. Of course, the wildlife see it a little differently, they are just plain hungry. To the wildlife, predictability creates opportunity: Raccoons, Possum, Coyotes, Crows, Duck, Mud Hens, Skunks, Eagles, Pigeons, foxes, and million insects.

    Feeding comes in all forms, not only by hand, feeding animals indirectly in the city parks/ home gardens, since there is a lot of open trash cans throughout City yards, etc.; where Wildlife will feed from. Now that the city is turning 65 years old, a lot of the fruit trees are bearing abundance of backyard fruit, including the decorative date palm trees/ specimen olive trees, both are loaded with fruit. Many backyard Stone pit fruit trees, are so tall, fruit is rotting hi up in the tree tops, and great hosts for wildlife to fly in or climb up in to . Alot lot of people are feeding their pet animals in their patio and that’s another Avenue for wild life to trespass and eat from.

    Citywide Abandoned plastic bags (from our homeless and stealth car dwellers), are depositing along our curbs and parking lots, are full of human/ pet manure, another avenue for food source for some wild animals.

    Remember, city still has a lot of crows, pigeons, Eagles, and they pick up the fruit/ veggies from the ground and drop and release in the rain roof gutters and rooftops eves of homes, another place where there’s a lot of feeding of Wildlife. Vacated swallow mud homes, under eves and crevices, are full of food sources too.

    Home Depot/ Lowes have Malathion Insecticide for sale, great spray to kill garden ants, termites and mosquito. Walmart/ Amazon, have Libra bug sapper, great for killing unwanted insects inside your home or patio.