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The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) named the City of La Mirada as a finalist for its 2019 “Most Business-Friendly City” award.  La Mirada is a finalist among cities with a population less than 50,000.  

“The success of the business community in La Mirada supports the local economy,” says Mayor Steve De Ruse.  “The City is honored to be among the finalists for the LAEDC recognition.  It reflects the City’s commitment to work collaboratively with La Mirada businesses.”

The City provides a business-friendly climate attractive to businesses,  keeps fees and taxes low and has never levied a municipal property tax or utility user tax (UUT).  

LA Mirada’s City’s “Dedicated to Service” philosophy is reflected through the high priority City officials place in working collaboratively with the business community to identify and be responsive to their needs.  

La Mirada’s strong economic base has provided many jobs in the community and enabled the City to provide quality programs and services.  

Several new businesses have chosen to open in La Mirada recently, including Chick-fil-A, Civitas Coffee, Dream Beauty Suites, and Quezadas Tacos. 

Other businesses continue to grow, such as Dunkel Bros. and the AMC La Mirada Movie Theatre, which recently completed substantial improvements. 

The establishment of a parcel hub for UPS consisting of 492,639 square feet, the largest facility in La Mirada, is currently undergoing major interior improvements.  

The City partners with the Chamber of Commerce to continue to support the business community and highlight their success. 

The City also recognizes the achievements and milestones of La Mirada businesses through the Business Newsletter and the City’s Business Recognition Program. 

In other nominations, The cities of Bellflower, Gardena, Lancaster, Norwalk, Pasadena and Rosemead are finalist for the population of 50,000 and over category.

Duarte, Monrovia, San Gabriel, and Santa Fe Springs are finalists in the population under 50,000 category, along with La Mirada.

Bellflower, historically known as a bedroom community, is developing a reputation as the “place to be.” The city has introduced over 130 new housing units and creative developments that are renewing interest in Bellflower’s business community. From two Choice Hotels to a mixed use Transit Oriented Development featuring a Laemmle Theatre, the city works closely with developers and businesses to make their projects a reality. Its efforts have produced projects that are complete or well underway, such as SteelCraft, Dunkin’, ln-N-Out, and The Exchange.

Gardena, a growing city located in the South Bay trade region of LA, that offers exciting new opportunities for business relocations and new development. Gardena is centrally located and holds the keys to the freeway system. Gardena’s foundation was built on the strength of its business industry and continues to thrive under the current leadership

Twice before named LA County’s Most Business-Friendly City, Lancaster has long enjoyed a reputation of being supportive of smart commercial, industrial and residential development. While some municipalities see their role as a regulator, Lancaster views itself as a facilitator, always looking for ways to say yes to good ideas. Whether businesses are looking to relocate in Lancaster, expand operations in the city, or simply keep the business healthy and vibrant, Lancaster stands ready to help businesses succeed.

Since adoption of the Economic Development Plan in 2015, the city of Norwalk has had one goal to be the most business-friendly city in LA County. The city provides its residents with a Social Services Department, Child Care Services, a robust Public Safety Department and other services not normally provided in a Contract City. In order to maintain economic viability, city officials have worked collaboratively with the business community to retain businesses and employment opportunities. 

The City of Pasadena is a thriving community located at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains. Pasadena boasts a quality of life that is recognized nationally and is home to some of the most successful technology, finance, and engineering companies in the world. With a highly educated workforce that enjoys a dynamic range of amenities and support services. With a history of successful commerce in the community, Pasadena municipal government is dedicated to the continued support of a fertile environment that encourages new business and innovation.

The City of Rosemead works diligently to maintain its business-friendly atmosphere, working closely and value our business community. The city provides a one-day turnaround for business licenses, conducts over the counter plan checks, engages with the community, recognizes and awards businesses for their contribution to the city, and attracts and retains a dynamic range of businesses. The City of Rosemead exists to serve and is a very business-friendly city in LA County.

The cities of Duarte, la Mirada, Monrovia, San Gabriel and Santa Fe Springs are finalist in the population und 50,000 categories. A winner from each category will be announced live at the 24th Annual Eddy Awards, Thursday, November 7th at JW Marriot at LA Live.

In Duarte, the city’s team is focused on providing top notch customer service. Being a small city, its staff understands the necessity to be proactive in its approach to attracting and retaining business and the need to make its development process efficient. The city takes pride in the exceptional customer service that is provided and in its transparent and straightforward approach to everything that it does. 

The business community has served an important role in establishing the City of La Mirada’s quality environment. Industrial and commercial centers provide the city with a diversified economic base that has remained resilient over the city’s 60 years. This strong economic base has provided important jobs, enhanced commerce, and allowed the city to provide quality programs and services necessary for creating a desirable community. 

Monrovia, a dynamic community blending small town charm with big city amenities, and home to nearly 40,000 active and engaged residents, is also a world class place to do business. Every business is valued as a partner in serving the people to create a community that offers a premiere quality of life. The city’s partnership with businesses starts at the onset of the businesses’ establishment and lasts long after the business has opened its doors.

The City of San Gabriel has seen a steady growth in jobs and small business development, especially in the retail, food, and hospitality industries due to its business-friendly philosophy. Year-round global tourism, entrepreneurial excellence and a culturally rich community support San Gabriel’s stable economy. San Gabriel’s innovative spirit has propelled the city to the next level as a desirable community in which to live and invest. With multiple development projects ranging from a new boutique hotel to several mixed-used projects, San Gabriel fosters a business climate where companies can grow, prosper, and thrive. 

Santa Fe Springs is ready for business. The city is strategically located with access to major seaports, airports, and transportation corridors. Over 60% of the city is zoned for retail, office, and industrial uses. Santa Fe Springs has low property taxes and permit fees. The city’s friendly, accommodating staff takes a common sense approach to development.  The excellent location, thriving business community, and supportive government make Santa Fe Springs a very business-friendly city. 

Business Friendly programs and services are a critical factor in job creation.  The finalist were selected through independent review by a panel of blue ribbon judges based on the following:

• Demonstrated priority commitment to economic development and quality jobs

• Excellence in programs and services designed to facilitate business entry, expansion and retention

• Competitive business tax rates and fee structures

• Availability of economic incentives

• Effective communitarian with and about business clients.

  • Money says:

    Too bad Cerritos is not mentioned in the list. Cerritos Northern Industrial Park, it is looking dated and worn out. The housing element is a disaster in the city, it is not weathering the storm from urban menopause.

    Gentrification has hit some of the shopping centers, but we really don’t have any good restaurants to support the Shopping Center’s anymore. Just yesterday, was driving by the vacated Marie Callender’s, which that one block housed: Kings Imperial, The Velvet Turtle, El Torito’s, Sports bar and Marie Calendar’s, all were very robust in their days. Art in Public Places has fallen to underground thieves markets.

    Cerritos does not have RV Dealership, to compliment its large RV Residential Lots, over 50% of the population is seniors and still no cannibals dispensaries, compared to neighboring Long Beach. Sad, ABC levied a Bond Tax on to properties, which has not been a welcome wagon to attract families and buyers in to the city. City has lost its diversity in home ownership.

    Cerritos needs to clean up it outdated Blvds, import some 1-2 bedroom hi rise condos and start thinking about USA and less about China. Maybe Ikea would be one of the better stores for Sears Pad. Housing elements do no show pride of ownership anymore, compared to it neighboring villages: Rossmoor, Park Estates, El Dorado Park Estates and so forth. CCPA needs to transformed in to something different, city is lucky if they enjoy one sold out performance yrly.

    Sad but most true, city is politically divided and the diversity of property owners is further dividing the city.