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Lakewood partners with Ring for $100 discount on video doorbells

Law enforcement experts are promoting video doorbells and related home security devices as effective tools in reducing burglaries and residential property crimes. Video doorbells can also help in the capture and prosecution of property criminals.

To encourage more Lakewood residents to purchase video doorbells and home security devices, the City of Lakewood is partnering with the company Ring on a program that provides a $100 discount on many Ring products. For example, the discount reduces the cost of Ring’s popular “Video Doorbell 2” by 50% from its normal $199 retail price.

Ring’s community subsidy program provides a total of $20,000 in discounts to the first 200 purchasers in a community (or $100 per purchaser) if the local government provides half of that $20,000 discount. Only one discount will be available per household.

“While Lakewood is definitely in a very tight budget climate right now, we felt that $10,000 from the city was a small but smart investment in getting this crime prevention technology out to more Lakewood residents,” said City Manager Thaddeus McCormack.

“People may wonder why we are partnering just with Ring, but they are the only video doorbell company that offers this kind of community discount partnership,” said McCormack.

The discounted Ring products will be available at a one-day event on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Burns Community Center, 5510 Clark Ave.

For details on the community discount program, go to www.lakewoodcity.org/RING or email [email protected].

  • KODAK FILM says:



    If all residents had a ring doorbell and have it wired to the Sheriff’s Station, for monitoring, bet crime could be reduced by at least 50%. This would help all city annual budgets for policing! Plus if residents kept their lights on at night, (ONL) and keep their properties well-maintained, Burglars would not hit certain areas. Sheriffs need to provide free in house alarm monitoring system at the central station. Sure this could be installed wireless by a .Com manufacturer of said wares.

    So many of the homes look vacant, they’re not being maintained, no lights,no cars in the driveway; only an invitation for burglaries and robberies.