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Inaugural Whittier Pride Scheduled for September 28 in Central Park


Whittier’s first-ever Pride celebration is scheduled for Saturday, September 28, 11am-6pm, in Central Park. Diversity and inclusion are the focus of this family-oriented celebration, which is open to the whole community.

“We want this to be a family-friendly event that is welcoming to everyone in the community,” Whittier Pride committee member Gaetano Gullo said. “There will be no alcohol served at this event. We made it clear that everything has to be rated G or PG at the very most. There’s going to be families there. LGBTQ+ individuals are also parents and we want all families to feel safe bringing their kids to this festival.”

  • Parades says:

    Should Cerritos have Gay Pride?


    Real interesting read.

    Find it very sad, City of Cerritos does not have a gay pride ( Anything) , when is home to Cerritos Junior College and ABC Unified School District, which is supposed to be one of the most Diversified educational districts in Southern California / Los Angeles area. Also, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has an satellite office here Cerritos, and there is no such event taking place in the city of Cerritos. In addition, Cerritos is home to a republican supervisor for decade, so why hasn’t the city of Cerritos tried to promote Pride in their City? Just look at the CCPA, over 50% staff and performers are gay/lesbian.

    Why did Cerritos, allow a Ret. Councilperson, to remove a gay councilperson commissioner, when the council person said that he was less than a man? Same Ret. CCC, fled the city, fast, when termed out and same CCC never shows up to any events, when all of the past CCC are invited. Fascinating, LASD has gay/lesbian officers to work in the city and so does the County Fire Department, but neither agency supports anything Pride, when one of the sheriffs top stations, is located in West Hollywood, one of Socal premier gay city.

    Just read the monthly Cerritos Mailer of events, city post clubs from A-Z, but nothing about gay pride.

    When the designer of the Cerritos Rose Parade Floats died, FAC was to embarrassed to say good by and offer a prayer of condolences, since he was gay? To my knowledge, Cerritos has only produced one gay couple to run for CCC, both were policemen and both lost the elections, as the orthodox Cerritos Voters could not apprehend voting in to office anything gay. Our 15th president of the USA, Jim Buchanan was gay, so all cities should start recognizing more organizations, if they promote one, they must promote all.

    Cerritos, Cypress, La Palma, Artesia should all be ashamed, as they all advertise to be diverse and one of the best trophy cities in the county, but Whittier has now promoted Pride Events. Whittier will not white wash gay history.