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Coyote Sneaks Through Doggie Door While Owner Was Away, Killing Pet Dog

Courtesy Miamiherald.com


Animal officials are warning Buena Park residents and others in coyote prone areas to be aware, as one bold coyote recently entered through a Buena Park resident’s doggie door  attacking two dogs, killing one.

Attacks tend to increase in the spring and summer so officials are warning residents to be on the lookout. Given the close proximity of the river,  residents in and around Cerritos should be particularly alarmed

Scott Goodling of Buena Park told ABC7 that he came home from work last Friday to find the aftermath of a coyote attack in his kitchen after the animal apparently came into his home through the door.

“There was blood all over the floor,” Goldling told the station.

Although attacking pets is not uncommon in areas prone to coyotes, this type of attack is unprecedented.

Officials told residents to take preventative measures such as keeping pet food inside, provide water inside for your pet, and keep lids on trash cans.

Official also told residents that live near coyote prone areas to remove tall grass and weeds from their yard, install motion detecting lighting around the homes, move standing water and watch for fruit on the ground that could attract animals.

The attack comes about a month after a cat was killed in the same neighborhood.

Residents are urging they bring in a trapper since the animal is obviously aggressive.

  • Horse Meat says:

    Cerritos, by the Del Amo Bridge at the Los Coyotoes Flood control, a pack of coyotes got inside of a house and made their way up to the master bedroom when they were sleeping. Entered thru large abandoned pet door. Coyotes are very restless, following the earthquakes, they have been spooked.

    A raccoon made its way through a pet door by the Catholic church in Cypress . It had to be shot and killed .

    Over by the Cerritos Auto Mall, many wild squirrels have gotten in to homes, via pet doors. Live along river beds.

    Remove all pet food bowls from the outside, as pet food attracts all wild life and put trash can covers tightly on the trash cans. Be carefull when BBQ, open BBQ and picnic table full of food, is bait for all barnyard animals.