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Hawaiian Gardens Car Show Draws Thousands

1948 CHEVROLET FLEETLINE in mint condition was one of over 840 cars that registered at the Hawaiian Gardens Car Show at the Fedde Sports Complex this past weekend. Courtesy city of Hawaiian Gardens.

  • Edsel says:

    Hawaiian Gardens car show, kudos to the city for putting on this famous car show, too bad it wasn’t advertised in all of the newspapers, so more people could attend. Shows like this, bring a lot of money to the starving city, even city of Hawaiian Gardens.

    Too bad the city of Cerritos cannot put on a car show of equivalent, during the Spring Festival or the annual Fourth of July event. Shame on Cerritos for not inviting more of these famous cars buffs, since the city of Cerritos is home to the famous Cerritos Auto Mall. Too bad Browning Corvette Museum cannot open up its doors to the public, so people can see the treasures he holds behind closed doors.

    What happened to the weekly car show at the IHOP in the city of Cypress, I think it was held on Tuesday evenings if I’m not mistaken? Few years ago, the city of Cypress Junior College had a fabulous car show, it was so large in attendance, cities had to close down sections of Lincoln Boulevard between the college and the 605 Freeway, in order to release some of the show traffic. Had a huge fallowing and very successful.

    Garden Grove used to have a weekly car show, not sure if it still takes place or not.

    City Irvine has a weekly Car show, Saturday mornings, they call it Cars/ and coffee, or something along those line.

    Cerritos Rosewood restaurant has monthly car show too, but very small, less then 100 entries per event.

    Laguna Hills – Yorba Linda, both are home to very many famous car collectors, usually retirees who have authentic car collections, stored in their 3-4-5 car garages or on their RV lots.

    My first exposure to car shows, was in the 1950’s at Harvey’s Broiler and car hop,( Downey ); then came tooling Tweedy Blvd, (South Gate) cruzing Bellflower Blvd and Whittier Blvd.

    This fall, greater Pomona area, will have the famous Route 66 Car show and rally.

    Cars have always been apart of our rich history.

    With lack of equal diversity in Cerritos, we have lost many residences who held cars on their properties, they moved to various cities, where their car collecting could be appreciated. Famous Whitney HS and Oxford HS, have failed the students for not bringing in car history to the classroom.