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At the regular June 24 Cerritos City Council meeting, a Sundance resident  spoke at public comment complaining about the constant traffic travelling down Bloomfield after exiting from the freeway. 

Indicating he had emailed the City without response, resident Chris Offet described the terrible traffic conditions near his home. 

“Myself and many of my neighbors have emailed or contacted City Council without response. The semi trucks are now 24/7 on Bloomfield and that they are ruining Bloomfield.” 

Offet produced a sound meter he used to measure the noise that indicated the DB levels were between 70 and 90 DB’s. 

Under federal guidelines anything over 70 DB’s requires hearing protection. 

“I wake up all the time, so do my neighbors, it’s really bad, the houses actually shake and light bulbs pop.”

“I looked for sound ordinances, during the day the sound levels should be 50 DB’s ours are at 70 to 90.”

“You guys pass ordinances banning leaf blowers and weed wackers after a certain time at night why not semi-trucks? I’d rather have a weed wacker outside my house, its quieter.”

Offet requested that the item be agendized for the second July council meeting so he could bring his neighbors to testify about the loud noises.

“It is really bad, its becoming a health hazard because none of us sleep anymore, I would like to see a noise ordinance passed.”


    Cerritos R O A D W A Y S TO Hell:

    It’s not only Bloomfield Blvd, many other streets too: Artesia Boulevard, South Street, Carmenita, and Del Amo Boulevard. Valley View Street is real ear popper with the truck trafficking and soot. Cerritos has been a very poor real estate manager. All of the citys tax money income, is being sucked back in to the CCPA/ Baby Sitting Library Headquarters, and not rehabbing or modernization for the residents. Our public works are just awful, in all sections of the city.


    Personal note, have visited many homes on these busy streets, homes have to keep HVAC 24/7 just to survive the noise and friable dust fumes, these cargo streets are generating. Personal car fites is becoming more of a weekly occurrence, in all sections of the city, diversity has not always been our best friend and city is begging for more equally dispersed diversity.

    City Council #1 items are: Whitney HS, Chinese this/that BS, Affiliations with Military and so forth. ……WHAT ABOUT US, WHAT ABOUT ALL THE 50,00O RESIDENTS, WHAT ABOUT US!!….. CCC did not get elected to be a pseudo Chamber of Commerce, but CEO of our investments, such a road improvements, and so forth. Our streetcape has never looked this bad in 50Yrs and our residential hoods, look like they are few steps away from becoming new: Compton, Watts and Carson. CCC please remove your blinders and step out in to our hoods during NW meetings and get a taste of reality by: (Seeing- Smelling- Hearing ) results of mass transportation going wild. Appoint real commissioners who know our city and stop appointing personal friends, whom are brain dead about our: city-county-state-nation.

    CCC please do away with all of the Disneyland Parties ( 4th July-Halloween-Spr Festival ) and start paying serious attention to our failing infrastructure. CCC needs to be all given a RX shot of reality, our city has reached its peek and city is slowing deteriorating and go downhill real fast.