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Large aftershock rocks So. California again

At approximately 8:23 PM another large aftershock rocked Southern California.

HMG publisher vacationing in San Diego was talking with people in OC when they felt the earthquake, seconds later the earthquake was felt in San Diego.

Reports are the earthquake was 7.1 magnitude.



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Nurse A. Weedmar
Nurse A. Weedmar

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EARTHQUAKE HITS GREAT DAIRY VALLEY OF CERRITOS….. www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy2bZ5tvDq0 TV news said it was felt in to Nevada and northern parts of Mexico and throughout the entire state of Calif. My trailer and RV Bus really rolled with the quake, this last one was more of a rolling quake. Interior chandlers were still shaking, for few minutes past the 7.1 quake. Last quake on Thurs AM, lot of roofing tiles, rattling and a small dust cloud was released from many roof tops. Wondering if today heatwave in Alaska ( 90 degrees) could of triggered these quakes. Bottom line, dont think we… Read more »