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July 5, 2019 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper


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  • Rob and Betty F. says:

    City of Downey –vs- Cerritos

    RE: Medical Business- Apollo

    Cerritos is loosing lot of jobs and money, to Los Alamitos and Downey, both are centers for the medical industry for great Dairy Valley Area.

    Downey’s cash budget is considerably better compared to Cerritos ( $200M –vs- $100M) … They not only have for 5 Medical Center’s , which all creates excellent paying jobs, they also have two large shopping malls which are producing sales tax in order to be able to afford: Police Department, Fire department & their own school district, and the School District employees make considerably more than ABC Unified School District.

    In addition, Downey is not a Nolo property tax compared to Cerritos, and some of the homes are selling between $3-$ 5 million dollars, because Downey dosnt have all the stupid building and development restrictions compared to Cerritos. Downey also has a lot of hi end apartments and mobile home parks, which aid towards diversity in housing needs.

    Downey was smart, they also now have an RV sales broker .
    There are many backyard granny Flats in Downey since World War II, and that allows for multi families to live on one lot. Inorder to re map 105 freeway, Downey built many luxury apartments back in the 60’s-70’s..


    Downey was home to the Apollo Projects back in the late 50’s to early 70’s, which created lot of job growth and development of housing, not only in Downey, but the entire region including Cerritos. Cerritos has failed by building all of those warehouses in northern end of the city, because they are not producing good hi tech job growths. Apollo employees help build the huge automotive growth in the many car dealerships in Downey and latter at the Cerritos Auto Mall. Then Rockwell closed both Downey and Anaheim facilities and Socal had a huge spike in unemployment and many space engineers were found with jobs. McDonald Douglass-Hughes latter rebooted programs and the specialty engineers were able to re-enter the job force. Many families lost their homes, when Rockwell pulled out of Socal, lot like the comparison seen in the great recession of 2007-2010. Car manufactures ( GM/Ford) both left city of South Gate and Pico Rivera, which also claimed many jobs.

    California has not always been the golden state for jobs, many companies start up here, but are short lived and create more uncertainty in employment. LAX and College University Jobs, plus the log shore men, are few companies, which have create even job growth in the market places.


  • Reasman says:


    TV news said it was felt in to Nevada and northern parts of Mexico and throughout the entire state of Calif. My trailer and RV Bus really rolled with the quake, this last one was more of a rolling quake. Interior chandlers were still shaking, for few minutes past the 7.1 quake. Last quake on Thurs AM, lot of roofing tiles, rattling and a small dust cloud was released from many roof tops. Wondering if today heatwave in Alaska ( 90 degrees) could of triggered these quakes. Bottom line, dont think we will sit in the patio tonight, hanging baskets are still moving and jumping. Wonder if some residents in Calif will be bunking in outdoor tents tonight? Will be alot of wild coyotes roaming the streets/ yards, as they get spooked easily. Maybe our BB Bond will not be used for modernization, but for earthquake proofing.

  • Jan and Philip says:

    Earthquake Supplies for our yards; Keep in backyard storage lockers or garden shed.

    ———————————————- EARTHQUAKE COUNTRY……. ———————————

    Big Buddy Propane Heater. Bike-master compressed paper towels/toilet paper. Candles/matches. Cash/coins. Dry soaps, compressed paper towels and toiletries. First aid kit, RX, Tourniquets etc.


    Ice cooler for storage w/ dry ice. Laptops and androids connections, cloud storages. Paper underware and under garments. Paper utensils so they can be dug in to the ground as garbage waste., + expandable/collapsible bowls. Plastic bags for human pooping. Plastic bottled water & Berkey water filtration system. Pop top canned foods. Portable Composting toilet. Portable Plastic Solar Panels, inverter and few lithium batteries.

    Powder soups/dairy/cereals/eggs/dry pop n juice. Propane tanks for the BBQ. Rain barrels filled with hose tap water. Solar flashlights and Cell Phone charging power banks for phones and laptops. Solar radio w/USB Ports. Solar camping oven. Small RV of any type stored along side housing ( Canned Ham RV Unit) Tent/sleeping bags + pillows. Wet paper Body towels & water-less soap lotions.

  • Firestone says:

    Downey Family Killed in Earthquake.

    Family living in Downey, were all killed in the Yellowstone Earthquake, 1959, while on vacation. Their RV, tent, dogs, car and entire family were all swallowed in this earthquake. Many other residents from Downey were killed too. Homes remain vacant for many yrs until the homes were sold off. My neighbors who died had a Shasta Trailer/ tow vehicle was green Edsel, and Sears camping tent/sleeping bags and were never found. My 2 friends /playmate, who were killed in this giant quake, were bros/str, about my age. Parents were older. The 1959 Hebgen Lake earthquake[3] (also known as the 1959 Yellowstone earthquake[3]) occurred on August 17[3] at 11:37 pm (MST)[4] in southwestern Montana, United States. The earthquake measured 7.2 on the Moment magnitude scale[1], caused a huge landslide, resulted in over 28 fatalities and left US$11 million (equivalent to $94.54 million in 2018) in damage. The slide blocked the flow of the Madison River, resulting in the creation of Quake Lake. Significant effects of the earthquake were also felt in nearby Idaho and Wyoming, and lesser effects as far away as Puerto Rico and Hawaii.[5] The 1959 quake was the strongest and deadliest earthquake to hit Montana, the second being the 1935–36 Helena earthquakes that left 4 people dead. It also caused the worst landslides in the Northwestern United Statessince 1927.[5]