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Earthquake hits downtown San Diego area

An earthquake was felt approximately 10:35 AM this morning, Several employees at the courtyard Marriott in the Gaslamp were seen coming out of the building indicating ” it was rocking upstairs.”

Cerritos resident Jim MaMahon contacted HMG and said it was felt in Cerritos.

News is reporting it was centered in the Mojave Desert.



  • James says:

    Earthquake 6.4-6.6 hit 10:35 am on 4th., aprx 125 mls north of Cerrittos.

    Many Cerritos RV travelers are camping/ boating at the Kern River and Lake Isabella, center for the earthquake.

    Many of these 50 year old homes in Cerritos- La Palma-Cypress, ( Greater Dairy Valley ) were really were shaking/ hearing wood frames rattling. Could hear the houses outside shaking, roofing tiles rattling, along with the interior of our house/ stairs making all kinds of grumpy noises. Alot of swimming pool water sloshed out of the pools, water splashing outside of the swimming pools and filling up the street gutters. Hoping the chlorine pool water running down the street gutters, will kill some of the breeding mosquitoes in the gutters.

    Many pictures on the second floor of homes, following the quake, are not positioned correctly on the walls anymore. My patio hanging baskets, along with the chandeliers are sill jumping around, almost 5 minutes post earthquake jolts.

    Many dogs and birds were startled, dogs were barking/ birds are still running all over, crows are still crying out. Looking outside, few coyotes are running rampant throughout the neighborhood right now, that’ll be happening continuously for the next 24 hours. Coyotes get spooked very easily and will jump over fences as their scared. Be carefull of BBQ and picnic tables, coyotes are running all over and can swoop up at 4th July picnic in seconds.

    Few car/ burglar alarms were jarred and blarring out ,especially in the parking lots at the Cerritos Regional Park and Sports Center.

    La Palma Race, La Palma, Ca.at daybreak, was not well attended this year, even tho the temps are in the lower 60’s and overcast skies. LACSD were positioned on the east side of the Del Amo Bridge, at Los Coyotes Flood Control. Orange Park Acres having their annual street parade for 4th July too.

    Every TV station is broadcasting earthquake news feeds and update.

    Outside fireworks will have limited visibility tonite, skies will be overcast, hi fog moving in again, temps will be chilly, in the 60’s tonite. Doubtful if greater Dairy Valley will be able to see as far as the coastline of West Los Angeles. Skies are starting to break around noonish.

  • Joe Zermeno says:

    In the event of a major earthquake in the City of Hawaiian Gardens, there is nothing stored anywhere, cots, tents, aluminum blankets, water stored … NOTHING. Months ago, I sent an email to the City Manager Ernesto Hernandez, requesting as a private citizen, a legal registered voter, to be on the committee to help in the event of disaster, so as a senior citizen, I could help with our neighbors. I NEVER RECEIVED AN ANSWER.