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Cerritos Chamber CEO Scott Smith Accepts Communication Officer Position at ABCUSD



Hews Media Group-Community News has learned that Scott Smith, long time Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Cerritos Regional Chamber of Commerce, will be leaving his post.

But Smith isn’t traveling very far.

Smith will be taking the newly created Communications Officer a job at the ABCUSD, reporting directly to Superintendent Dr. Mary Sieu.

Many ABCUSD observers, including this newspaper, have strongly advocated for a communications officer for the award-winning school district for years, and the contacts that Smith has made through during his time at the chamber will certainly be a welcome addition to ABCUSD staff.

Smith endured a rigorous selection process; according to Dr. Sieu, all candidates went through two panels of interviews, the first panel was comprised of District and school site employees and interviewed seven candidates, including Smith. Three interviewees made the cut  to the second panel that was comprised of ABC Cabinet Members

Superintendent Dr. Mary Sieu told HMG-LCCN, “pending Board approval tonight [June 18 ], we’re excited to welcome Scott Smith as our new Communications Officer. He is very familiar with the school communities that we serve in ABCUSD. He understands the need to broadly communicate our efforts regarding the Bond Measure as well as update the communities about our schools and the District. He’ll be a great asset to our District as we move forward.”




  • Tobia says:

    Sounds like a lot of conflict of interest, when Dr. Mary Sieu was a board members for the Cerritos Chamber of Commerce while she was still employed by the school district. It cost the taxpayers a lot of money to have her sit on the board, when she’s getting paid as a superintendent. I’m wondering if she gave any rebates back to the taxpayers.

    Also don’t like that the Cerritos taxpayers gave money out to the Chamber of Commerce.

    Now the chamber of commerce is reducing the size of their office building, because of lack of supporters.

    Mr. Scott is a fine man, but shouldn’t retirement be more in alignment, compared to new start up job as a civil servant with the school district.