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REPORTS: Shooting at Del Amo Mall in Torrance


L.A. media outlets are reporting a shooting at Del Amo Mall in Torrance. HMG will update when available.

From NBC

A shooting occurred at a Mall in Torrance Monday and at least one person was injured, police said.

The shooting occurred in the 3500 block of Carson Street at Del Amo Fashion Center just before 3 p.m., Torrance police said.

It was not immediately clear if the shooting occurred inside or outside the mall, but at least one person was struck by the gunfire, Torrance police said.

The Torrance Fire Department confirmed that it was responding to the report of a shooting at the mall and said that one person was taken to an area hospital, but it was not immediately clear if the person was struck by gunfire.

“Multiple shots one person injured there might been two suspects armed east side of the mall people are self evacuated a lot of police present.”

  • Ramon Sol says:

    This winter, Del Amo Mall had the shooting across the street from the mall.

    LCCN “Police were searching for a gunman early Saturday after three people died in a shooting at a bowling alley near Los Angeles. The shooting was reported just before midnight local time (3 a.m. ET), Torrance police said in a statement.”

    Now today we have this shooting in the Del Amo Mall, last Xmas PV had shooting at the Rolling Hills Mall. How many shootings does the UCLA Harbor Div have in a Qtr?

    Demographics for shootings and violence are ripe for the South Bay areas, since there are so many huge geographical changes between South Bay Cities. Black Sheep will never lay down in peace, with the Diamond Lions.