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  • Willie Yarrows says:


    Moratorium to eliminate all special events such as Halloween Haunt, Easter Festival, Spring Festival, Memorial Day Festival, Fourth July, MLK Festival excetera.

    Moratorium on sports lights at the sports complex. No nite games.

    6 months of the year, turf maintenance only once every two weeks.

    Eliminate overnight parking ordinance and street cleaning citations.

    Reduce the Personnel in planning Dept. & Financial Departments.

    Why do we need three LASD Captain’s. Many cities can do with just one captain.

    Moratorium to reduce some of the youth sport activities for resident youth.

    Eliminate VOP.

    Moratorium on ethnic restaurants, until we can secure steak, chicken and meat restaurants.

    FAC must merge with CPC and meet 6 x yr.

    PRC merge with EC and meet 6x yr.

    Elected CCC stop receiving financial/insurance compensation.

    Construct some wind farms on top of buildings, parking shade shelters and billboards.

    Rent fee schedule for all of the 35% rental homes in order to aid salaries of code enforcement officers.
    Reduce the operational hrs by 25%: CCPA and Library.
    Stop all overtime.

    Construction of Freeway Electronic boards.

    City Hall operational only 4 days week.

    CCPA lease out to name branding by 3rd party.

    CCPA soft gambling.

    Exploring Short term Mello Roos tax for commercial/business in city and vacate sculpture banking for couple of years.