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Cerritos Auto Square vehicles to be temporarily stored at Los Cerritos Center

Beginning in June and continuing through October, vehicle inventory from various Cerritos Auto Square dealerships will be temporarily stored at the Los Cerritos Center in the parking lot area adjacent to the Sears property. The City of Cerritos has issued a temporary use permit for this purpose.

The vehicles will be temporarily relocated from two lots located at Studebaker Road and Del Amo Boulevard, which will undergo resurfacing and restriping. The lots are owned by Southern California Edison and are currently being used by Cerritos Auto Square dealerships for storage of vehicle inventory. Once construction is completed on the Edison-owned lots, the vehicles will be returned to the original storage location.

For more information, please contact the Community Development Department at (562) 916-1201.

  • Sal says:


    Tear down that VACANT Sears store. All of the millenniums we have occupying Southern California, no technology for Walmart or Target, compared to yesteryears: Fedco /Gemco. Both Fedco/Gemco had better technology for the patrons conveniences.

    Replace Sears store : IKea and Fry’s Electronics.

    Greater Dairy Valley needs some high-rise condominiums ( Singles/1 Bedroom ) in this Shopping Centre. Area need a Lowe’s store.

    Greater Dairy Valley Regional Area needs some chicken and steak restaurants to reboot heartland of America to return to Cerritos for fine international foods.