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Former Cerritos Mayor and Councilmember John F. Crawley passes

John Crawley, courtesy city of Cerritos

From Cerritos City News

Former City of Cerritos Mayor and Councilmember John F. Crawley passed away on Sunday, May 26 at the age of 77. 

Crawley was elected to the City Council in 1990. He was re-elected in 1994 and served two terms as mayor, in 1993 and 1999. After leaving the City Council in 1999 due to term limits, Crawley was re-elected in 2001 and served as mayor in 2005.

Crawley served honorably in the Navy during the Vietnam War from June 1964 to July 1966 on two barbel-class submarines – the Barbel and Blueback. A Cerritos resident since 1978, Crawley served as president of the Cerritos Optimist Club and vice chairman of the Cerritos Regional Park Commission. He was a member and first commander of the Cerritos-Artesia Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post #1846.

Crawley was twice elected to the 63rd Assembly District Republican Central Committee, and served as chairman for two terms. In addition, he served as a voting delegate for the California State Republican Party. He also served as president of the California Contract Cities Association. He also coached a variety of youth sports teams in the City’s recreation program.

Crawley was a self-employed financial consultant after retiring from an 18-year career as a senior financial analyst with Atlantic Richfield Company. He held a bachelor of science degree in business administration with a concentration in foreign trade from Woodbury University. He held teaching credentials in mathematics, business education and social science (world history, United States history, geography, economics, government and sociology) and taught full-time at Rivera Middle School in Pico Rivera. He is survived by his wife Pamela, his son Brian and his wife Kristin, and his granddaughters Kaely and Sarah.

  • Charles says:

    He was one of the few candidates from Shadow Park HOA to hold a seat on the CCC. Remember seeing him eating many meals at former Jacks Restaurant Counter Seating. Talked to him many times at the USPO, he drove black Lexus. RIP.

    • CHS - go DONS says:

      Charles, that’s so COOL you mentioned running into him at the USPOSTOFFICE, probably in ARTESIA on 183rd or the CERRITOS ONE? I ran into PAUL BOWLEN at the ARTESIA POSTOFFICE on 183rd with his wife walking with him – I wonder how is Paul Bowlen’s son, Eien or Eden <- not sure of his name.

      Also wondering about Crawley's son – what is he doing these days if you know.

    • CHS - go DONS says:

      Yes, I remember running into Paul Bowlen as well

      • Guest998 says:

        When Grace Hu was Mayor for Cerritos, I remember some times when I was in Paul Bowlen’s Civics class, we would talk about City Council meetings and I remember whenever we mentioned about Grace Hu, we would create sentence structures and would use it in the format of “Grace Who”, not “Grace Hu”, and doing this made our class room laugh all the time. Not that we were making any fun at all, it was just the fact that her last name was “Hu”, and in English, if pronounced, people would think it’s “Who”.

        I also remember Grace Hu’s daughter riding her bike and her neighbor’s dog bit her, accidentally, something along these lines. It was a crazy incident. Hope her daughter is doing better.

        I also miss seeing Cerritos – now that I’ve moved on to more masterplanned environments.

  • Augusta says:

    Any word on the funeral or celebration of Life. Heard that the HOA he lived in, may share some sort of last respects to John.

    Does the city have any plans for its former mayor also? Not lived here long enough, to know the protocol on past deaths.

  • CHS - go DONS says:

    Condolences to the Crawley family on the passing. I remember having a class at Cerritos High with his Son, C/O 1996, and I was shocked when I found out John Crawley was his Dad. I also remember having to go to the City Council meetings to watch then Mayor Paul Bowlen handle City related matters with his team. What an experience I won’t forget. Atleast the passing of John Crawley brought back memories and serves as a mark that reflects from some of the memorable events that took place in the past during my high school period at Cerritos High. – I won’t forget.

    Congratulations to everyone that is remembering John Crawley. Cerritos will not forget him.

  • Henry says:

    Paul Bowlen lives in the Heartland of America, he became widow in Cerritos and remarried and moved to the Midwest. His S&S home is being partially cared for by his son. His son drives Paul’s baby blue Caddy. His new wife, is getting lifetime PPO Ins, paid for by Cerritos. Paul had some personal issues while being a teacher at ABCUSD. Paul first got started in Real Estate sales.

    Jon Crawley wife, Pam Crawley lives in Shadow Park, his son lives in East Coast. Pam is a retired and PT teacher for adults. Jon died in a care facility. Jon was sued by a neighbor in Shadow Park and neighbor won the litigation and Jon and Jim Edwards, both equally embarrassed CCC, as Jon was censored publically and very shameful time in Cerritos History. Jon liked to eat at Del Reyes in Pico Rivera, Ca.