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FACEBOOK: ‘We don’t have a policy that what you post must be true’



It’s official, with that Nancy Pelosi video posted yesterday, the federal government needs to establish a cabinet position regulating social media companies.

There are many laws on the state and federal level that govern newspapers and magazines, why not social media?

Certainly the public figure argument can made, but when it’s an out right lie, as in the case of the Pelosi video, that argument is overridden.

How does Facebook define propaganda versus what they think is “opinionated or wrong?”

When a company has this much power, or an industry, it needs to be regulated, much like the breaking up of AT&T and hopefully what will come  in breaking up Google and Amazon.

For now we have to put up with the b*****t of Facebook affecting our society and our democracy.

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  • T r u m a n says:

    Readers must understand social media is not owned by the United States, belongs to the world. No one can censor the world. Monies spent trying to censor social media could be better spent, aiding world homeless and handicap/disabled.

    Most users of social media, know that a lot of the social information is nothing but toilet news.