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May 24, 2019 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper


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  • M e l i s a says:

    Ever since the passing of BB Bond; Cerritos- Artesia- East Lakewood, homes uncer contract, have taken longer to sell. Property Owners are jumping ship because of the extra money going towards the Mello Roos BB School Bond. If EE Bond passes in Los Angeles it will not affect the senior citizens property, over the ages of 65 YO.

    Many buyers are shying away from Cerritos because burdensome Street trees trespassing, breached sidewalks, crumbling block walls, 50 year old Outdated Parking ordinance what has not been amended since 1960’s, and also there’s nothing on the planning books for granny Flats which is been mandated by Sacramento. Cerritos has just way too many rules/ regulations and it’s scaring off buyers and less face the data, sales price per sq ft is lower in Cerritos, compared to some of the 9 surrounding cities and many cities in OC. Cerritos has forevermore lost the RV industry, but in Yorba Linda, RV industry is growing leaps.


    I’ve always said, with uneven amount of diversity in races and ages in the city, if did not have Whitney High School and did not have the burdensome overnight parking ordinance; Cerritos today would be a different villages carved in to great Dairy Valley.

    In my hood, most of the original homeowners of 50 years, moved to either: Huntington Beach- Yorba Linda or Rossmoor. All of those areas homeowners enjoy more freedom to use their property; and a sales price per square foot is considerably more in those three cities. Plus the gentrification in those cities, far surpasses the housing modernization in Cerritos.

    Cerritos sales inventory has way too many short sales and foreclosures . There is that big question mark in many buyers over the soil in Cerritos, since Cerritos allows for the dismantling of swimming pools, no one knows how the soil will settle or create sink holes. Plus, many homes are not furnished per Heartland of America, so we have created a target city, which allot of young families, prefer not to live in.

    Too many businesses have left Southern California, and mayor Eric Garcetti, and Governor Newsom, have done nothing to win back : TRW, Boeing, the RV industry, Car manufacturers, ( GM-FORD), Hollywood, Etc. Ma/pa business in Socal are not going to carry work forces in to next generations. We need to build 180,000 new housing units a year, experts say, and we’ve only averaged 80,000 over the last decade.


    In contrast, before the Great Recession, we built 213,000 in 2004. In 1986, 315,000 were built. CALIFORNIA’S BIG HOUSING BILL TANKED. NEWSOM IS PARTLY TO BLAME.


  • Beth and Wally says:


    Senior abuse is very much alive in the senior community, ( Cerritos) plus it reaches out in to the handicapped and the disabled. Both suffer from white and blue collar crimes.


    White collar crimes occur: Banking institutions, Insurance bad faith issues, Medical Insurance, Life insurance policies, HOA, Nursing and long term care facilities, Long Term Life Insurance, Hospitals, and public transportation. ABCUSD which serves the Greater Dairy Valley Area, students hardly do anything to aid the seniors in the city. Now the ABCUSD has abused the seniors, by assessing BB Mello Roos Bond taxes on to the senior property taxes, which will create huge finance burden..

    LASD have no chaplains to give much needed security towards the seniors.

    Even Cerritos has none not a lot to reach out to all of the seniors, since the 50,000 population is 50 % seniors. Our Senior Center needs more diversity in programs plus needs to collaborate with more surrounding communities, in both OC/LA. City needs to reciprocate with more outside senior programs, 7 days week.
    Our housing stock desperately needs urban hood gentrification: modernization to 1 story home, elevators, chair lifts, handicap ramps, senior friendly kitchens/bathrooms/patios, street ramps and sidewalks which can be used as intended, to walk on and not trip over breached tree root cracks.

    Please listen to this link, Herman tries to address the abuse:

    State should offer price reduction for senior property taxes, plus the cities should offer reeducation in cost for utility staples and offer restaurant to front door, free dinner, 3-4 times weekly, to the seniors in need.
    All cities should off free property maintenance for the impaired/challenged in order to keep seniors in their property and create less blight for the streetscape in the hood.

    If Cerritos seniors or anyone else, have a handicap license plate or placards, this is the new over night parking permit, no additional permits are needed. This is a huge plus for seniors and disabled. One less thing to worry about.