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May 17, 2019 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper


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  • M A T says:

    ……..90703 | CANNABIS AND HOUSING UNITS……..

    ……..HOUSING UNITS……..

    Many of the housing pads which were developed in the early 1900s ( la/oc) in the older cities, had duplexes –triplexes – fourplexes designs perfectly. Not all Pads have room for rental incomes or granny Flats, but some properties are just a waste of money, the backyards are just sitting naked and eroding away and not being utilize. Many of these corner and cul-de-sac lots are 10, 000 square feet, and very seldom do people utilize them. Huge backyards become a dirt patch/ weed patch. Selective additional housing would be appropriate for those properties.

    Older cities, seen this done and it’s worked very well: Torrance, Downey, South Gate, Tustin, Orange, Mid Wilshire, Pasadena, Bellflower, Anaheim, Fullerton, Santa Monica- Lomita, Etc.

    My first home, had 10,000 sq ft lot and had backyard guest home; my other home, had a downstairs granny flat or maids quarters and that was real sm lot, only 5,000 SF. Lot of these backyard duplexes triplexes- fourplex are ideal for ; Ret. senior citizens, Widowers, sick or disabled person. Some newer tracts have backyard casitas, which are great for sm rental units.

    Cerritos has many vacant RV lots adj to the home, which could be developed for granny flat rental units. Please view link:

    Always feel, garages out in frt/ or back yards, are waste of floor space. Garages belong in the basement, below the home, like many beach cities have. My 2 car garage space, ideal for sm. granny flat rental and then build garage in basement.

    Many homes around former: General Motors/ Boeing, TRW, Long Beach Port, Studios, Rockwell, Hughes, Autonatics, medical centers, and so forth, had back yard rentals during 1900-1975. Long beach has had a moratorium for rental, but now has vacated.


    The closest cannabis dispensary for Cerritos is either: La Habra/La Mirada, or just south of the Long Beach Towne Center/ 605. Soon there’s going to be a new cannabis dispensary in Los Alamitos-Long Beach section, by Hof’s Hut restaurant. A lot of sales tax money is going to these target cities and not into Cerritos. Dispensary jobs are good union paid jobs, they bring in approximately 25% sales tax, and are safe for the community. Most of the dispensary clientele are seniors for medical or sleep RX.

    Inorder for democracy to work, cities throughout the state can’t pick and choose what they want, they have to go with the status quo. Amazon and UPS deliveries are selling CBD oil, and we need to capitalize on this in this city and start opening up some dispensaries. Shame that the Democrats on the CCC have outlawed sales of cannabis, when many other cities have allowed and are making money. Many credit unions are investing in cannabis Warehouse Farms, they know this is going to be a staple throughout all 50 states.

    Just ask realtors, cannabis farms are becoming more and more the norm, in many homes in the state and LA/OC.

    Questioned Cerritos LASD stating no arrests for cannabis usage, influence or farming in city to date.


  • V O T E R S says:


    LA City school bond is being more compatible for all ages, compared to the Bond at ABC school bond election.

    LA City, it’s called measure EE, and it has to win by 2/3 votes, which is a much higher voter approval needed, which was required for the ABC school bond called BB Bond. BB Bond only needed 50% voter approval.

    In addition, if EE does pass, seniors do not have to pay into it. If a senior wants to opt out , and not pay towards the school bond, they have the right to. EE only pertains to real estate owners under the age of 65, and at the age of 65 they have the option to fill out a form, to pay or not pay, for the school bond. Much fairer way to have financial peace of mind, or the good neighbor policy for the residents. Many seniors are on fixed incomes.

    BB Bond for ABCUSD, mandatory everyone has to pay towards the bond, even if on retirement incomes.

    EE school bond numbers, are going to be based on square footage of the house and not based on the sales price of the house. When the Attorney General addressed the drafting for the EE bond, Attorney General said that he wanted to make sure that it would be voted in by two-thirds of the majority of the voters, and not the crap compared to many cities such as in the Cerritos ABCUSD, which only needed 50 % approvals . Sadly, ABC school bond will not be completed for 20 years, equates, district will be losing a lot of the bond money doing the cost of living waves, which will be hitting us over the next two decades. Inflation will drastically eat in to the ABC Bond money..Currently, construction inflation is running at 2% month increases.