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May 10, 2019 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper

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  • J A S says:

    LCCN: Parking Permit Changes.

    Cerritos CCC has now voted 5:0, to outsource the parking permit administration to vendor in Irvine, Ca. Residents of the city now have the option of getting there Cerritos overnight parking permits:


    Community safety Office;

    Senior center, which will both transmit to on-line paperless administrations.

    Most of the city council members, talked about possibilities of more healthy discussion regarding the requirements behind the reasoning for overnight parking permits, since the permit process has not changed much in the last 50 years. Some residents, whom spoke, still are seeking amendments to the requirements for obtaining an overnight permit. Handicap placards /license plates are exempt from the overnight parking permits. Lets face fact, Cerritos has developed over Magnet Schools, Parking Restrictions and street tree : love/ hate. City is not a true transparent democracy for everyone; if you are involved in this City Triangle: Parking-RV’s-Trees-Schools. Many Orig. property owners were forced to move to surrounding cities, over severe parking ordinances and medical issues induced by tree pollen’s, etc.

    My opinion, this is a 50 year old parking program, and it needs to go to public vote, because of demographics & the economics of the city have changed drastically over the past 50 years . 50 years ago, city did not have very many three car garages, multiple families living in a homes, Housewives employed and the need to have multiple cars for the entire family. Today, 37% of the homes have constructed driveway extensions and have parkway trees trespassing all over properties, dripping sap and staining car finishes. No data was presented, to illustrate crime with street parking. In the past Sheriff’s Townhall Meetings for Neighborhood Watch Programs, crime drops significantly when cars are parked in the driveway. Car theft has decreased in Cerritos and throughout the state, since cars have alarms and many computerized anti -theft devices built in to the car. New CCC for April 2020 should seriously be a good neighbor and reevaluate the parking ordinances.

    Many residents are concerned about the growing numbers of cars staged in driveways, when they can not get parking permits. Residents fear cars with impede on to any /all 911 service calls.

    To me, city also needs to look at the rising usage of rental housing in the city and address the declining: Streetscape, Municipal Landscape and lack of maintenance to many SFR. Ret. Mayor said, “Visitors entering in to the city, not impressed with the conditions of the streets or citywide landscapes”……… This has been ongoing since 2008 recession and so forth.

    Please review the video segment, lot of good clear data and photo images, pertaining to the parking permit process.