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NBC: Driver Dies After Crashing Into Man-Made Pond in Cerritos

A 26-year-old driver was killed when his Chevrolet station wagon overturned into a man-made pond in the middle of a freeway off- ramp in Cerritos, the California Highway Patrol said Sunday.

The crash at the eastbound 91 Freeway to the Shoemaker Avenue off-ramp occurred about 11:35 p.m. Saturday, the CHP reported.

CHP officers dispatched to the scene reported that a 2007 Chevrolet HHR had overturned in a man-made pond in the middle of the Shoemaker Avenue off-ramp and was partially submerged. The officers, with the assistance of paramedics, extracted Ricardo Bibian from the vehicle and paramedics rushed him to UCI Medical Center, where the Long Beach resident died from his injuries.

Another occupant inside the station wagon, a 19-year-old man, was taken to the same hospital, where the Long Beach resident was being treated for moderate injuries.

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  • J A S says:

    We all heard the helicopter overhead for along time, before going to bed. Asked ourselves, going to be long night, could not tell if the helicopters were coming from Orange County or Los Angeles.

    Think this is a second motor vehicle accident the water features at the gore in the past year. Some of the outdoor lighting is not the best along the Waterfall gore or Towne Center.

    Also couple years adj. to Shoemaker Gore waterfalls, a young father, leaving HH Nursery, Lakewood on motorcycle, was hit & killed by on 91. He was a landscape consultant for many of these fine homes in this link.

    Palm Trees around the waterfall Gore, home to many hawks/ eagles & few ground red tail foxes. Next time stuck in traffic, look up in the palms and see the birds. Have seen few cranes bathing in the water falls here too.


    • Wander says:

      This is my personal secret garden. Any more details? There was another one here? What were those and what was this date?