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City will pay up to $250 to Artesia homeowners for new systems.


The city of Artesia, at its April meeting, took a huge step in their efforts to improve public safety in the community, launching a new Home Security and Alarm Rebate Pilot Program. 

The new program, which was approved by the Artesia City Council, will provide rebates of up to $250 to Artesia homeowners that install a new home alarm system. 

Residents are encouraged to submit an application for a rebate online or fill out a paper application to submit in person or through the mail at City Hall located at 18747 Clarkdale Ave, Artesia, CA 90701.

Applicants must include a copy of their receipt and a photo of the installed system as verification that the system is new, was purchased by the resident, and is in-use. 

Rebates will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis until funding is used, so residents are encouraged to apply quickly. 

The Home Security and Alarm Rebate Pilot Program is the latest move in the City’s dedication to public safety in Artesia. Over the last four years, the City’s budget for public safety has nearly doubled, allowing the City to invest in new training and equipment and increased operations for the Sheriff’s Department. 

The City will continue to explore other ways to improve public safety in the community. 

A spokesperson for the City told HMG-LCCN, “the Artesia City Council is fully invested in public safety in Artesia, and this is further evidence of their dedication to keeping the community safe. To the Council’s credit, the City’s budget for public safety has nearly doubled in the last four years, and this program is just the next step in the City’s efforts to improve public safety for Artesians.”

For more information about the Home Security and Alarm Rebate Pilot Program and to apply, visit the City’s website at www.cityofartesia.us, or contact Jeremy Bates, Management Analyst at (562) 865- 6262, extension 245, or via email at [email protected]. 

  • J A S says:

    A R T E S I A –A L A R M S:

    $250.00 doesn’t BUY much for alarm security systems. Wonder how many people get involved, because they’re going to have to pull permits for wiring Etc., plus the installers will have to have city state licenses, bonds, insurance, etc. Alarms sill do not stop smash /grab/run burglaries or robberies.

    Here is some photos for poss. security tips/ tricks:

    Highfalutin, Shadow Park HOA, Cerritos, have installed security cameras in our face and look ugly at all of the gates.

    This could be more of a deterrent than a beneficiary. Almost wondering if the sheriff stations in Artesia or the city hall would have been better off with a free 24-hour monitoring station, wireless connecting all properties in 90701.

    Sure wish all cities would get more involved for the location of outdoor security cameras, most cameras are gross looking, compared to s Wrought Iron Grill over for Windows and Doors.

    Cerritos Burglar Alarm Permits:

    I prefer some of the indoor electronic security roller shutters, almost impossible to smash and still allows ventilation between outdoors/indoors. House on SW corner of Summer/183rd, Artesia, has these roll-up shutters installed, with sm LED pot lite over each window and doors. This home looks professionally secured.