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Mayor pro tem Naresh Solanki Appointed Cerritos Mayor, Councilman Frank Yokoyama as Vice-Mayor

Mayor Naresh Solanki



A packed council chamber witnessed Mayor pro tem Naresh Solanki’s appointment as Mayor, Cerritos’ first Indian-American Mayor, at tonight’s annual Cerritos City Council Mayoral transition.

Outgoing Mayor Mark Pulido gave an eloquent speech thanking all Cerritos officials and employees, even breaking down when he thanked Cerritos residents.

A moment of unexpected levity occurred when an alarm bell chimed in the chambers just before Pulido was finishing his thank you speech.

Pulido then handed off the meeting to City Clerk Vida Barone, who opened nominations for Mayor.

Councilman Jim Edwards quickly nominated Solanki, with Councilman Frank Yokoyama seconding the nomination.

Pulido called for a vote of acclamation and Solanki was appointed Mayor; in parliamentary procedure, acclamation is a form of unanimous consent.

Solanki took the Mayor’s chair and yielded once again to Barone who, in a moment of suspense, called the city’s vice chair open.

Solanki quickly nominated Edwards while Pulido nominated Councilman Yokoyama; unlike the Mayor position who simply needs a seond by another council-member, the vice mayor is voted upon by all council-members.

Barone called the vote Pulido, Yokoyama, and Hu voted no to nominate Edwards.

The three then appointed Yokoyama Vice Mayor with Edwards and Solanki, who’s appointment to Mayor was supported by Yokoyama, voting no.

Mayor pro tem Frank Yokoyama

  • jAS says:

    Saddened on multiple accounts. Most surrounding did not attend last night mayors transition: Downey, South Gate, Bellflower, Haw Gardens, Norwalk, Cypress, Lakewood, Paramount, La Palma. Etc. None of those cities sent their mayor or Council. Also sad to see that the meeting was not very racially diversity, almost reminded me of a Chinese Filipino party.

    Solanki is a man of few words, his lack of speech and understanding politics, will not be in his favor. Know most of staff is not happy over his appointment. If voters are not happy with Pres. Trump, many voters will not be in support of Solanki, since both share same political party.


  • jAS says:

    Mark & Frank:

    1. What about us, original residents like us, many of us are forgotten / fallen off your social radar landscape. We are not Whitney Alumni, we are not Filipinos, we are not military, we are not Chinese immigrants, we were born and raised our entire lives in the greater Dairy Valley? We are the original settlers, who created the city and supported the city for 50 yrs. How about some cheers for all of us, who work to keep Cerritos prosperous and growing during the build out years. Our journey is coming to close, …. many of us feel deprived from the city. We are evaporating to the 90703 rain fire steam and lack of diversity to represent us too!

    2. What about participating and showing up at the Neighborhood Watch meetings?

    3. What about the 15,000 property owners which need aid from PPC, as our residential hoods have never looked so bad? Homes are not reflective of diversity, but reflecting the low life rental properties.

    4. What about the Overnight Park Ordinance, registered voters need to vote on the 1960’s orthodox parking laws. Handicappers, care takers, garage rentals, etc are not part of the equation we had 50 yrs ago, we need changes..

    5. Greater Dairy Valley area needs more integrated senior citizen programs; and reach outside the city limits, seniors make up this entire area. Seniors look at our top statesmen, to orchestrate future groups, we are getting older and older, and voted for leaders, to lead us in to our last years journey… .

    6. County /city needs to subsidize and create an Alzheimer’s unit, poss. at vacant Mulikan Med. Suites in Cerritos, been vacant for more then 20 yrs.

    7. County /city needs to build multiple RV parks, we only have one RV Park in Long Beach Shoreline. Basin has very little RV parks, and we are loosing tax money from this growing population. Look there are RV brokers: La Mirada, Stanton and Downey, many RV Homes in Cerritos, but no RV parks to go to for recreation except: Yorba Linda, Newport, Huntington and Long Beach. Just sit on the 91, many RV’s are flooding by 90703, we need to tap in to this mobile parade of wealth.

    8. County/ City sorts complex, needs more programs for everyone at Cerritos Regional Park, you have not added anything to park agenda. Why the double life, the majority of residents area seniors and not kids anymore. CCC needs to stop and listen and work outside the box; and start more senior style of sports: Lawn Bowling, Horseshoes, outside games, pool games, etc.

    9. County/ City Needs to work with Measure M and improve public transportation in Greater Dairy Valley; more transportation to LAX/SFV/UCLA/John Wayne Air. Cerritos residents can not even ride a bus to beach or UCLA, compared to when you grew up in the hoods. Cerritos public transportation is going backwards.

    10. Create advisory boards for seniors and disabled residents, we are all forgotten.

    11. County /City needs to create more low cost public people movers, compared to other counties nationwide. City has reduced COW, but we now have more seniors who are not driving.

    12. Only 9% of residents, use the CCPA, yet we subsidize between $5M-$7M to keep the door open.

    13. My tract of homes, trees have not been trimmed since 2002, 17 yrs nothing.

    14. My island homes, ( Nimby) still is paying excessive water rates to La Palma, yet on your honorable accomplishments, you state that the city is sharing municipal reclaimed water with La Palma.

    15. Cerritos is still divided/tribunal fortress between Cypress-La Palma, Trump wall between the cities/ county has never improved.

    16. County/City needs to replace Del Amo Bridge, Cerritos. Bridge has been declared non earthquake proofed since 2000 and still nothing to create new bridge. More then 180,000 cars pass over bridge weekly.