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‘Grease’ at Whitney High This Weekend

  • jAS says:

    Parents from the district will be boycotting this pay.

    Many find the ABC Unified School District very upsetting,parents/ students are very very upset, Ret.Mayor/ councilperson, Grace Hu, donated money to construct performing arts school at Whitney High School. Money is biased, many parents feel that the money should have been equally dispersed among all campuses, so all of the students in the district could enjoy the donation and not just one campus.

    Whitney is the controversial charter campus, test only entrance exams. Many parents feel the BB Bond Money, Mello Roos, will be greatly used for the betterment of Whitney, sine the campus is in violation of so many building codes. Whitney has always been a thorn for the district, since it is owned by district, but for the most part, attendance is greatly by Cerritos Residences, which deprive other cities in the district for financial allotments.

    Construction for the BB Bond, will take more the 20 yrs to complete, which creates many issues for parents, students and teachers.

    Recently interviewed Haw gardens and E Lakewood, both cities are upset over this Charter Campus.